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as will consume the Mussalman kingdom altogether. When the earth is saturated with our gore, the royal standard of George III will be planted all the easier in it.”

“Then die,” and with one stroke of his sword the Pathan gashed Amyatt’s head. At once with a quick hand Galstaun severed the Pathan’s head from his shoulders.

Presently ten or twelve Mussalmans surrounded Galstaun and began to hack him. Overcome by the blows of so many men, both Galstaun and Johnson soon succumbed and lay dead on the boat.

Foster had started before that.


WHEN Lawrence Foster fell into the Ganges after being struck by Ramcharan’s bullet and Protap had set his barge loose, the crew of the junk jumped into the water and searched out Foster’s body which floated by. They kept him in their boat and informed Amyatt. Amyatt came and found Foster lying unconscious, but life was not yet extinct; the wound in his head had made him lose his consciousness. The chances of death were great, but he might survive. Amyatt knew the healing art and took up the case in right earnest. Acting on Bakaullah’s information he found out Foster’s boat and brought it to the landing-place. When Amyatt left Monghyr he carried the dying Foster in that boat.

The last sands of Foster’s life had yet to run, and Amyatt’s treatment saved his life for the nonce. He was destined to live, hence he escaped the hands of the