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who ever organised a musical party for the sake of the music?

Gurgan Khan had obtained his heart’s desire. He made up his mind to possess the throne of Bengal after defeating both parties when they had been weakened by war. But the first thing necessary to that end was to have the soldiery under his control. The soldiers again, could not be controlled without money; and money could not be had without the help of the Shetth millionaires. Therefore, it was absolutely necessary for him to confer with the Shetths.

Mir Kasim also knew very well that on whomsoever the favour of the millionaire brothers would shine, that party was sure to succeed. He further knew that the Jagatshetths were at heart not friendly towards him, as he had not treated them well. They had been kept closely guarded as prisoners at Monghyr on suspicion. He was quite sure that they would go over to the enemy on the first opportunity; hence be was trying to shut them up within the Fort. But the Shetths had got scent of the plan. Out of fear they had kept clear of all active hostility against Mir Kasim, but now they could find no other means of saving themselves, hence they joined Gurgan Khan. Both had the same object——the ruin of Mir Kasim.

But lest any meeting with them without any apparent cause, should rouse the Nawab’s suspicions, the Jagatshetths had got up this party and invited Gurgan Khan along with the other ministers.

Gurgan Khan came with the Nawab’s leave and sat apart from the other ministers. The Jagatshetths, in doing the honours, talked and stayed with him just as long as they did with the other guests and no more. But the talk with Gurgan Khan was carried on in an undertone,