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so that others might not overhear. It was to this effect:-

“I want to start a factory with you,” said Gurgan Khan.

"What’s your object?” asked Mahatab Chand.

“To suppress the Nawab’s factory at Monghyr.”

“We must do it I suppose. We don't find any means of getting on without starting a new business like that.”

“If you agree,” said Gurgan Khan, “then you must supply the capital, I shall do the labour.”

Just at this moment, the danseuse Mania approached, and sang in a peculiar strain : “Thou hast learnt guile well, &c., &c.” “For whom is it meant?” asked Mahatab smiling. Then turning to Gurgan, he resumed the conversation: “Very well, we agree. We shall be satisfied if our principal and interest are secure. We only want that we don’t get into trouble.”

While on the one hand, the dameuse sang in different varieties of Indian tunes, such as Kedar, Hambir, Chhayanat, &c.; on the other, Gurgan Khan and the Jagatsetths settled their terms with the help of such artful words as rupee, loss, money-present, &c. When everything had been settled, Gurgan Khan said :

“Have you heard that a new merchant is going to open a factory?”,

“No, we haven’t,” said Mahatab. “Is it Indian or English?”


“At what place?”

“In all places from Monghyr to Murshidabad. Wherever there is a hill, ungle or plain, there will be a branch.”

"What sort of a capitalist is he?”