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“He is not a rich capitalist yet, but one can’t say what might happen.”

“What firm does he carry his dealings with?”

“With the Government factory at Monghyr.”

“Is he a Mussalman or a Hindu?”

“He is a Hindu.”

“What is his name?”

“Protap Roy.”

“Where does he come from?”

“From a place near Murshidabad.”

“I have heard his name, he is an ordinary man.”

“He is a terrible man.”

“What is his object in rushing into this venture so suddenly?”

“He has done it to spite the Company’s factory at Calcutta.”

“He must be secured ; what tempts him most, can you say?”

“It is difficult to say without knowing what prompted him to this enterprise. If he has set about it as a paid servant then he can be bought up in no time. We can give him all kind of landed properties, but if there be something else, it will be a different matter.”

“What else can there be? What other object can he have in rushing into this enterprise?”

At this time the danseuse sang : “The nose—ring shines on the fair, fair face, &c.”

“Is that so?” said Mahatab Chand. “Who is the fair-faced one, pray?”