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Swami was a man of infinite resource, and addressing Chandrashekhar said,

“Could you hear what conversation went on between Protap and,Shaibalini while they were swimming?"

“No, I could not.”

“Then don’t sleep tonight. Keep an eye on them.”

Both kept awake, and towards morning they found Shaibalini quietly leave the boat, dip into a thicket on the bank and vanish. It now came close upon dawn, yet Shaibalini did not return. Then addressing Chandrashekhar, Ramananda Swami said, “I do not quite understand this. VVho knows what she has got in her mind! come, let us follow her.”

Then both cautiously went after her. At nightfall when Ramananda Swami saw the clouds massing together he asked,

“How much strength do you carry in your arms?”

Chandrashekhar smiled and taking up a big stone with one hand flung it to a distance.

“Good,” said Ramananda Swami. “Now go to Shaibalini and keep close to her unperceived. In the coming storm if she does not get any help, she is sure to be killed. Not far there is a cave; I know the way to it. On a hint from me, you shall take her in your arms and follow me.”

“Presently there will be great darkness, how shall I be able to find my way?”

“I will be at hand. You will hold one end of my staff in your hand and the other end will remain in mine.”

After Chandrashekhar had come out of the cave, leaving Shaibalini there, Ramananda Swami began to muse : “I have studied the shastras ever so long, I have mixed with all manner of people, but all to no purpose. This girl's mind baffles me altogether—has this sea no