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bottom?” Then he said to Chandrashekhar, “You will find a hill-monastery close by, go there and rest for the night. After you have done your duty by Shaibalini you shall again follow the Mussalman lady. Remember, you have no other duty than serving your fellow-creatures. Don’t be anxious about Shaibalini, I will be here to look after her. But take care, do not see her without my permission. If you follow my advice, the chances are she will be highly benefited.”

After the above conversation, Chandrashekhar took his leave; Ramananda Swami then entered the cave in the darkness unseen.

The reader knows all that happened afterwards. Chandrashekhar took the raving Shaibalini to the monastery before Ramananda Swami and with tears in his eyes said,

“O my spiritual guide! what hast thou done?”

Ramananda Swami closely observed Shaibalini’s condition and replied with a slight smile, “That’s all right. Don’t be anxious. Rest here for a day or two and then go back to your home with her. You should keep her in the same house where she used to live. See that her old companions keep constantly about her. Ask Protap also to see her now and again. I will follow later on.”

Chandrashekhar took Shaihalini home according to the instructions of his spiritual guide.


WAR with the English had broken out and Mir Kasim’s downfall commenced. At the very outset he lost the battle of Katwa. Then Gurgan Khan’s treachery