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came to light. His last hope was gone. At this juncture his intellect began to give way. Mir Kasim made up his mind to massacre the English prisoners. His treatment of others became atrocious. As ill luck would have it, Mahammad Taqui sent the news about Dalani precisely at this moment. Clarified butter was poured into the blazing fire. The English were treacherous, the commander of his army seemed to be of doubtful integrity, the Goddess of Fortune was perfidious and to crown all Dalani had proved faithless. The cup was full Mir Kasim wrote back to Taqui Khan, “There is no need of sending Dalani to me, finish her with poison.”

Mahammad Taqui took the poison bowl with his own hand to Dalani. Dalani was astonished to find him in her presence, and indignantly exclaimed, “What’s this my Lord ! Why this outrage on a lady’s privacy?”

“Fate!” cried Mahamrnad Taqui, clapping his hands on his forehead, “the Nawab is ungracious to you."

“Who told you so?” said Dalani with a smile.

“If you don’t believe me, you can see the order for yourself,” answered Mahammad Taqui.

“Then you must have misread it,” said Dalani.

Taqui handed over the order to her. After reading it Dalani smiled a little, and flinging away the paper said, “This is a forgery. Why this fun with me? Do you wish to die?"

“Don’t frighten yourself, I can save you,” said Taqui.

“Oh, I see!” cried Dalani, “you have got a design. You have come to frighten me with this forged letter.”

“Then listen,” said Taqui. “I wrote to the Nawab that you lived in Amyatt’s boat as his mistress. That is why this order has been issued.”