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had returned. He lost no time in visiting Chandrashekhar at Vedagram.

On the same day Ramananda Swami had put in an appearance there before him. With a joyful heart Sundari heard that Chandrashekhar would administer medicine to Shaibalini according to Ramananda Swami’s iinstructions. An auspicious hour had heen fixed upon for the purpose.


WHAT the medicine was we cannot say; but Chandrashekhar had carefully undergone a purification for administering it. Ordinarily he was a man without passions. He had succeeded in bringing his appetites under control more than others. But on the present occasion he had prepared himself with an extra course of hard fasting. For some days past he had employed his mind in divine contemplation; no worldly thought could find place in it during that time.

At the appointed hour Chandrashekhar set about in administering the medicine. He directed a bed to be made for Shaibalini; the serving-maid appointed by Sundari did the work.

Then Chandrashekhar directed Shaibalini to be laid on the bed. Sundari had to do it by force, as otherwise Shaibalini would not obey. Sundari had made up her mind to purify herself by a bath on her return home—it was not a trouble, she was in the habit of doing it every day. [1]

  1. Sundari regarded Shaibalini as an outcast for having left her home with a Christian and contact with an outcast is defilement to a Hindu, hence a purification by a bath was necessary.