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Addressing everyone present Chandrashekhar said. “Leave me for a while. You shall come in when I call.”

When every body had gone out, Chandrashekhar placed the medicine pot on the ground. “Now get up and be seated,” he said to Shaibalini.

For all answer Shaibalini softly hummed a tune-she did not get up. Then fixing her with a steadfast gaze, he gently transferred the medicine to her lips with the hollow of his palm. Ramananda Swami had declared the medicine to be nothing but the water in his gourd. “What good can it do?” Chandrashekhar had enquired. “With it the girl will be indued with psychic force,” was Ramananda Swami’s reply.

Chandrashekhar then began to make passes in a variety of oblique evolutions over her forehead, eyes and other parts. After a time her eyelids fell; soon she began to nod, and at last she was carried into a profound sleep.

“Shaibalini!” cried Chandrashekhar.

“Yes Sir,” came the answer from Shaibalini in her trance.

"Can you tell me who I am?” asked Chandrashekhar.

“You are my husband,” replied Shaibalini in her trance as before.

“Who are you?”

“I am Shaibalini.”

“What place is this?"

“It is Vedagram, your home.”

“What persons are waiting outside?”

“Protap, Sundari and others."

“Why did you leave this place?”

“Because Foster carried me away.”