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“It is now a month since she died at Monghyr.”

“Where is Foster?”

“He is in the Nawab’s camp at Udaynala.”

Chandrashekhar pondered for a while and then, pursued his questions.

“Do you think you will get cured of your disease?”

“You have indued me with psychic force; I have acquired the power of second sight, and with it I have a prevision of events. Your blessings to help, I am sure to be cured by the medicine you have given me.”

“Where would you like to go after your cure?”

“I should like to take poison if I could get it, but I am afraid of hell.”

“Why do you wish to die?”

“Else, where can I find a refuge in this world?”

“Why, with me.”

“Would you care to take me back?”

“What, if I do?”

“Then with my body and soul I will serve you. But I am afraid you will be disgraced.”

At this time the distant tramp of a horse was heard. Chandrashekbar said, “I haven't got any psychic power of my own. What you have got in you now, is Ramananda Swami’s power. Tell me what that sound is"

“It is the sound of horse’s hoofs.”

“Who is coming?"

"Mahammad Irfan, an officer of the Nawab.”

“Why is he coming?”

“To take me—the Nawab has expressed a wish to see me.”

“When did he do it? Was it before Foster went there or after?”