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“No, it is neither before nor after; he passed his orders simultaneously for taking Foster and me to him.”

“You needn’t be anxious, sleep on.”

After the above dialogue, Chandrashekhar asked those who remained outside to come in. When they had entered the room he said, “She is sleeping now. As soon as she wakes up give her the medicine in the pot. An officer of the Nawab is now on his way here, he will take her away to-morrow, you had better accompany her.”

Every one was astounded and frightened. “Why should she be taken to the Nawab?” they inquired.

“You needn’t be anxious,” answered Chandrashekhar.

“You will presently learn everything."

On Mahammad Irfan’s arrival, Protap busied himself in according him a suitable reception. Chandrashekhar privately told Ramananda Swami everything from the beginning to the end. The Swami said to Chandrasheakhar, “To-morrow both of us must be present at the Nawab’s Durban”


IN a spacious tent sat the last sovereign-of Bengal in royal state—the last sovereign, because those who assumed the title of Nawab after him never actually reigned.

Elevated on a seat enriched with pearls, corals, silver and gold, and in an array of pearls and diamonds, sat Nawab Mir Kasim Ali Khan at his Durbar, his head-gear lustrous with the brightest diamond in the whole assemblage and dazzling like the sun. Along his side stood rows of