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attendants with folded palms, and with his accorded permission sat the silent ministers with bended knees.

“Are the prisoners present?” enquired the Nawab.

“Every one is present,” responded Mahammad Irfan. The Nawab ordered Foster to be brought first.

Foster was brought in and placed before the Nawab. "Who are you?” asked the Nawab.

Lawrence Foster knew that his fate had now been sealed. Rather late in life, he said to himself, “Hitherto I have disgraced the British name, now I will die like an Englishman.”

“I am Lawrence Foster,” said Foster.

“What nation do you belong to?”

“I am an Englishman.”

“The English are my enemy. Being an enemy, why did you enter my camp?"

“Yes, I did enter. For that you can do whatever you like with me, I am now in your power; there is no need of asking why I entered, and even if you did ask, you wouldn’t get any answer.”

Instead of getting angry the Nawab smiled and said,“You are bold, that's clear; but will you be able to speak the truth?”

“An Englishman never utters a falsehood.”

“Indeed! we shall see presently.”

Looking round, the Nawab enquired, “Who said that Chandrashekhar was present? If he is here, let him be brought in."

Mahammad Irfan brought Chandrashekhar in. On seeing the latter the Nawab asked Foster, “Do you know this man?”

“I have heard his name, but I do not know him.”

“Very well, where is the slave Kulsam?”

Kulsam also appeared.