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“He is my husband:”

“What is your name?”

“My name is Rupasi.”

Shaibalini gave the above answer with the greatest ease. The wretched sinner had gone there for that very purpose.

“Very well,” said the Nawab, “you can go home now.”

“What home have I got?” cried Shaibalini, “Where shall I go?”

The Nawab remained silent in thought for a second and the next moment asked, “Then where do you propose to go?”

“To my husband. Have. the goodness to send me to him. You are the sovereign, I am laying my grievance before you. My husband has been forcibly carried off by the English, either procure his release or send me to him. If you turn a deaf ear to my prayer and refuse to give me redress, then in this very spot, in your presence, I will kill myself. That is the object of my coming here.”

Gurgan Khan was announced.

“Very well, you can wait here, I am coming,” and the Nawab left Shaibalini and went away.


AFTER enquiring of Gurgan Khan about sundry affairs the Nawab said——

“Rupture with the English seems to he the best course.To my mind Amyatt should be arrested before hostilities begin as he is my chief enemy. What do you say?”

“I am always ready for War,” said Gurgan Khan. “But an ambassador is inviolable and any ill-treatment of him will brand us with breach of faith. Moreover——”