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“Last night,” interrupted the Nawab, “Amyatt attacked the house of a certain person in the town and forcibly carried the inmates away; why should I not punish a man who commits a crime within my dominions?—maybe he is an ambassador.”

“If he has done so, then certainly he is punishable. But how shall I arrest him?”

“Why, send some sepoys and guns to his house forthwith and have him arrested with all his party.”

“They are not in the town. They left at noon today.”

“How is that?——without giving any notice?”

“One Mr. Hay has been left behind to send the information.”

“What is the cause of this sudden departure without our permission? This is certainly an affront to us and they must have done it deliberately.”

“Last night some one killed the Englishman in charge of their boat of arms. Amyatt says our men have done it, hence he went away in anger. He says, life is unsafe in this place.”

“Do you know who has done it?”

“A man by name Protap Roy.”

“Extremely well done! When I find him I will reward him, where is he?”

“They have all been taken away under arrest; whether they have gone in the Eng1ishmen’s company, or have been sent to Patna, I am not sure.”

“ Why didn't you inform me about these things before?”

“ I have just now heard.”

This was false. Gurgan Khan knew everything from start to finish. Amyatt could on no account have left Monghyr without his permission. But Gurgan Khan had two objects in view: First, it was better Dalani