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good turn to anybody if he could help it. Of all the different varieties of people inhabiting this globe, the Massalman servants of Englishmen are about the worst lot. But in this instance Peer Bux had some object. He thought that when this woman had taken her food, he would take her to the servants quarters. He was very eager to purchase her good—will by looking after her meal. Shaibalini remained standing on the deck of Protap’s boat, while the servant went away to get the order from Mr. Amyatt. She stood with her veil on.

A pretty face is all-conquering. Especially, when "the owner of it happens to be a young girl it at once becomes a weapon of the surest execution. Amyatt found that this gentoo woman was a matchless beauty; over and above, he felt a little compassion for her when he heard about her madness.

So he sent orders to the officer of the guard to take off Protap’s manacles and to allow Shaibalini to go inside the boat.

The servant brought a light. The sentry took off Protap’s handcuffs. The latter warned the servant not to enter his boat,[1] and with the help of the light made a pretence of turning out the rice into a platter. His object was escape.

Shaibalini went into the hoat, the sentries were mounting guard outside, so that the interior was not visible to them. On entering the cabin she approached Protap and removing her veil sat down.

When the first shock of surprise had been over Protap found Shaibalini biting her underlip; a light glow of joy had suflused her countenance, and her face bore the

  1. It is a defilement for a Mahomedan to enter a Hindu's place of eating or cooking-place