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impress of calm determination. Protap confessed to himself, she is indeed a tigress worthy of a tiger!

In a very low voice Shaibalini whispered in his ear, “Wash your hands. Do you take me for a miserable suppliant for boiled rice?”

Protap did as suggested. While he was thus engaged, Shaibalini continued in the same tone——

“Now get off. The small boat you will find on turning the bend is for you.”

"You should go first,” suggested Protap in a similar voice, “otherwise you will get into trouble.”

“Be off with you, quick. Once the handcuffs are on flight will be impossible. Be quick, jump into the water. Don’t delay, for once let me guide you. They know me as insane, I will jump into the water first, you will follow to my rescue.”

With these words she gave a loud laugh and immediately after exclaimed with a broad grin, “I won’t take the rice.” The very next moment she came out weeping and cried, “Alas! they have made me eat rice defiled by a Mahomedan’s touch. O mother Ganges! take me,” and she leapt into the current.

“What is up, what is up?” screamed Protap and came out of the boat. The sentry stepped in front and tried to stop him. “Scoundrel!” cried Protap, “A woman is being drowned and you are quietly looking on,” and he gave him a kick which sent him spinning out of the boat. The sepoy fell from larhoard. “O save a woman,” cried Protap, and jumped into the water from port. The accomplished swimmer Shaibalini went on in advance, Protap followed.

“The prisoner has fled," bawled out the sentry aft and lifted his gun to aim at Protap. At that time Protap was swimming.