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Open the door 開門 K‘i mun.
Pour me out a glass of water 給我倒一杯水 Kay waw tow yee pay shooey.
Get me a chair [not a sedan] 拿一隻椅子 Nah ye jahng yeedza.
Bring me a light 拿火來 Nah hwaw li.
Make a fire 弄火 Loong hwaw.
Bring me a cigar 拿烟捲兒來 Nah yen-chüar li.
I want to have chow-chow now 現在要吃飯 Shendzi yow ch‘irp fahn.
I want beef; I don't want pork 要牛肉不要猪肉 Yow new-ro; poo yow joo-ro.
Is there good mutton to be had? 有好羊肉沒有 Yo how yahng-ro mayo?
I also want some fruit 還要菓子 Hi yow kwo-dza.
Have you any bread? 有麵包沒有 Yo me-enpow mayo?
Bring the potatoes 拿山藥豆兒 Nah shahn-yow-tor.
Open a bottle of wine 開一瓶酒 K‘i yee p‘ing cheeoo.
Where's the corkscrew? 螺絲在 Law-saw dzi nar?
Make some tea 起茶 Ch‘ee ch‘ah.