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Your animals are bad 你的牲口不好 Neety shungk‘o poo how.
What's your name?
(1) To an inferior
(2) To an equal
(1) 你姓甚麼
(2) 貴姓
(1) Nee shing shummo?
(2) Kway shing?
I'll give you five dollars 我給你五塊錢 Waw kay nee woo k‘wi ch‘e-enn.
I will give you wine-money besides 還要給你酒錢 Hi yow kay nee cheeoo ch‘e-enn.
Go on quickly! 快走罷 K‘wi dzo-pah!
Call my servant 呌跟班的來 Cheeow kunpahnty li.
Has he come back? 他回來了沒有 T‘ah hooey-li-lamayo?
I want to wash my face 我要洗臉 Waw yow shee lay-enn.
Bring some water 拿水來 Nah shooey li.
I don't want hot water 不要熱水 Poo yow raw shooey.
Bring me a piece of soap 拿一塊胰子 Nah yee k‘wi yeedza.
I haven't a towel 沒有毛巾 Mayo sho-cheen.
It's all in the bag 都在口袋裏頭 To dzi k‘o-ti leet‘o
Shut the window 關上窓戶 Kwahn-shahng ch‘wong-hoo.