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How much does the boatman want? 戶要多少錢 Chwahnhoo yow taw show ch‘e-enn.
Seven dollars 七塊錢 Ch‘ee k‘wi ch‘e-enn.
This isn't a good boat 這個船不好 Chayka ch‘wahn poo how.
How far are we from Peking? 北京離這兒多遠 Payching lee cher taw yüahn?
Is my baggage stowed away on board? 行李都裝在船上沒有 Shing-leeto jwongdzi ch‘wahnshahng mayo?
How many boxes are there? 有多少箱子 Yo taw show sheeang dza?
When shall we get to Peking? 幾兒到北京 Chee-er tow Payching?
It isn't certain 不一定 Poo yee ting.
Is the wind fair? 有順風沒有 Yo shoon fung mayo?
How many boatmen are there? 有多少水手 Yo taws how shooey-sho?
I shall go by rail 我要坐火車 Waw yow dzaw hwaw-ch‘aw.
It is quicker by rail 火車快 Hwaw-ch‘aw k‘wi
This cart is dirty 這個車腌臢 Chayka ch‘aw ahdzah.