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I am going out 我要出門 Waw yow ch'oo mun.
You look after the house 你看守門戶 Nee k'ahn-sho munhoo.
Bring the small looking-glass 拿小鏡子來 Nah sheeow jingaza li.
Bring the wash-hand basin 拿臉盆來 Nah layenn-p'un li.
Pour this water out 把這個水倒咯 Pah chayka shooey towla.
Your shoes are down at heel 你的鞋趿拉着 Neety seeay sahlahja.
It's not proper (respectful) 不是様子 Poo shirt yahngdza.
You haven't brushed your hair to-day 今天你沒梳頭 Chint'e-enn nee may shoo t'o.
Why are you so idle? 你為甚麼這麼懶惰 Nee way shummo chummo lahntaw?
Look out for another situation 你找一個別的事 Nee chow yeeka peeayty shirt.
Come again at the end of the month 月低再來 Yüay tee dzi li.
I want this mattress covered (with new stuff) 這個褥子要墁上 Chaykaroodza yow mahn-shahng.