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Tuck this in under 把這個壓在低下 Pah chayka yahdzi teeseeah.
I don't want to wear that hat to-day 今天不要戴這個帽子 Chint'e-enn poo yow ti nahka mowdza.
Is my apron made yet? 我的裙做完了沒有 Wawty waych'ün dzaw wahnla mayo?
Mend these stockings 縫這個襪子 Fung chayka wahdza.
Tell the amah to get up 叫老媽起來 Cheeow lowmar ch'ee-li.
Why are you so late ? 你為甚麼這麼晚 Nee way shummo chummo wahn?
Don't you go to sleep 你別睡覺 Nee peeay shooey-cheeow.
There's no one to carry the baby 沒人抱孩子 May ren pow hi-dza.
Where have you been ? 你打那兒回來 Nee tah nar hooeyli?
Don't chew betel-nut 你別吃檳榔 Nee peeay ch'irp pinglahng.
Fetch my gloves 拿我的手套兒來 Nah wawty sho-t'owr li.
They are in the drawer 在抽屉裏頭 Dzi ch'o-t'ee lee-t'o.
Is the cupboard (or wardrobe) locked? 櫃子鎖咯沒有 Kweydza sawla mayo?