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Make me a fur cap 給我做一個皮帽子 Kaw waw dzaw yeeka p'ee pow-dza.
I'll give you $5.00 我給你五塊錢 Waw kay nee woo-k'wi-ch'e-enn.
When will it be finished ? 多𠴰做完咯 Taw dzahn dzaw wahn-la?
Inside I want red silk 裏面兒要紅綢子 Leemyer yow hoong ch'odza.
Make it like this pattern 照着這個樣兒做 Chowja chayka yahnger dzaw.
A little bigger than this 比這個大點兒 Pee chayka tah te-er.
I don't want anything else 不要別的 Poo yow peeayty.
How much do you want for this ? 這個你要多少錢 Chayka, nee yow taw-show-ch'e-enn?
Speak the truth, now ! 你說實話 Nee shwo shirt hwah!
I won't buy any of your things 不要買你的東西 Poo yow me neety toong-shee.