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Have you had chow-chow ? 吃了飯沒有 Ch'irpla-fahn mayo?
This telescope is mine 這個千里眼是我的 Chayka ch'e-en-leeyenn shirt wawty.
This is a thermometer 這個是寒暑表 Chayka shirt ha-hushoo-peeow.
I want to get this line out 這個繩子要拋開 Chayka shung dza yow p'ow-k'i.
Don't let go the anchor 不要下錨 Poo yow seeah mow.
Make fast! 繞住 Row choo!
Let go ! 鬆 or 鬆手 Soong or soong sho!
These bends are not easy to go round 這個河灣不好轉 Chayka haw-wahn poo how chooahn.
There's a junk in the middle of the river 當河有一個中國船 Tahng-haw yo yeeka chaoong-kwo-ch'wahn.