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Have you a pipe? 你有烟袋沒有 Nee yo yen-ti mayo ?
I want to smoke 我要吃烟 Waw yow ch'irp yen.
Bring the powder and shot 拿鎗藥來 Nah ch'eeang-yow li.
Is there an inn about here 這個地方有客店沒有 Chayka tee-fahng yo k'aw te-enn mayo?
Call the landlord 呼掌櫃的來 Cheeow chahng. kwayty li.
Are you the landlord ? 你是掌櫃的麼 Nee shirt chahng. kway-tyma.
I want to take off my clothes 我要脫衣裳 Waw yow t'aw eeshahng.
Are there any wild-boar about here ? 這個地方有野猪沒有 Chayka tee-fahng yo yagchoo mayo?
I am going into Mongolia (outside the Great Wall) 我要出口 Waw yow ch'oo k'o.
The hwong-yahng is found outside the Great Wall 口外有黃羊 K'o-wi yo hwong-yahng.
The road is very bad 這兒不好走 Tower poo how dzo.