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Have you a Dictionary ? 有字典沒有 Yo dzer-te-enn mayo.
I want to buy one 要買一個 Yow me ee-kaw.
You buy one for me 你給我買 Nee kay waw mi.
Chinese characters are difficult to write 中國字不好寫 Choong kwo dzer poo how seeay.
I can't write 我不會寫 Waw poo hooey seeay.
Please teach me 請你教我 Ch'ing nee cheeow waw.
This pen is not good 這的筆不好用 Chayka pee poo how yoong.
Tell the boy to buy a cake of ink 呌跟班的買一塊墨 Cheeow kunpahnty mi ee-k'wi maw.
Are you coming to-morrow ? 你明天來不來 Nee ming t'e-enn li poo li.
I shall not read to-morrow 明天不念書 Ming t'e-enn poo ne-enn shoo.