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Name Residence  Appointed
Mahlon Dickenson N. J. 1837
James K. Paulding N. Y. 1838
George E. Badger N. C. 1841
George E. Badger N. C. 1841
Abel P. Upshur Va. 1841
David Henshaw Mass. 1843
Thomas W. Gilmer Va. 1844
John Y. Mason Va. 1844
George Bancroft Mass. 1845
John Y. Mason Va. 1846
William B. Preston Va. 1849
William A. Graham N. C. 1850
John P. Kennedy Md. 1852
James C. Dobbin N. C. 1853
Isaac Toucey Conn. 1857
Gideon Welles Conn. 1861
Gideon Welles Conn. 1865
Adolph E. Borie Pa. 1869
George M. Robeson N. J. 1869
Richard W. Thompson  Ind. 1877
Nathan Goff, Jr. W. V. 1881
William H. Hunt La. 1881
William E. Chandler N. H. 1882
William C. Whitney N. Y. 1885
Benjamin F. Tracy N. Y. 1885
Hilary A. Herbert Ala. 1893
John D. Long Mass. 1897
William H. Moody Mass. 1902
Paul Morton Ill. 1904
Charles J. Bonaparte Md. 1905
Victor H. Metcalf Cal. 1907
Truman H. Newberry Mich. 1908
George von L. Meyer Mass. 1909
Josephus Daniels N. C. 1913
Edwin C. Denby Mich. 1921

Name Residence  Appointed
Norman J. Colman Mo. 1889
Jeremiah M. Rusk Wis. 1889
J. Sterling Morton Neb. 1893
James Wilson Iowa 1897
David F. Houston Mo. 1913
Edward T. Meredith  Iowa 1920
Henry C. Wallace Iowa 1921

Name Residence  Appointed
Samuel Osgood Mass. 1789
Timothy Pickering Mass. 1791
Joseph Habersham Ga. 1795
Joseph Habersham Ga. 1797
Gideon Granger Ga. 1801
Joseph Habersham Conn. 1801
Gideon Granger Conn. 1809
Return J. Meigs, Jr. Ohio 1814
Return J. Meigs, Jr. Ohio 1817
John McLean Ohio 1823
John McLean Ohio 1825
William T. Barry Ky. 1829
Amos Kendall Ky. 1835
Amos Kendall Ky. 1837
John M. Niles Conn. 1840
Francis Granger N. Y. 1841
Francis Granger N. Y. 1841
Charles A. Wickliffe Ky. 1841
Cave Johnson Tenn. 1845
Jacob Collamer Vt. 1849
Nathan K. Hall N. Y. 1850
Samuel D. Hubbard Conn. 1852
James Campbell Pa. 1853
Aaron V. Brown Tenn. 1857
Joseph Holt Ky. 1859
Horatio King Me. 1861
Montgomery Blair Md. 1861
William Dennison Ohio 1864
William Dennison Ohio 1865
Alexander W. Randall  Wis. 1866
John A. J. Creswell Md. 1869
James W. Marshall Va. 1874
Marshall Jewell Conn. 1874
James N. Tyner Ind. 1876
David McK. Key Tenn. 1877
Horace Maynard Tenn. 1880
Thomas L. James N. Y. 1881
Timothy O. Howe Wis. 1881
Walter Q. Gresham Ind. 1883
Frank Hatton Iowa 1884
William F. Vilas Wis. 1886
Don M. Dickinson Mich. 1888
John Wanamaker Pa. 1889
Wilson S. Bissell N. Y. 1893
William L. Wilson W. Va. 1895
James A. Gary Md. 1897
Charles Emory Smith Pa. 1898
Henry C. Payne Wis. 1901
Robert J. Winne Pa. 1904
George B. Cortelyou N. Y. 1905
George von L. Meyer  Mass. 1907
Frank H. Hitchcock Mass. 1909
Albert S. Burleson Tex. 1913
Will H. Hays Ind. 1921

The Postmaster-General was not considered a Cabinet officer until 1829.

Name Residence  Appointed
Edmund Randolph Va. 1789
William Bradford Pa. 1794
Charles Lee Va. 1795
Charles Lee Va. 1797
Theophilus Parsons Mass. 1801
Levi Lincoln Mass. 1801
Robert Smith Md. 1805
John Breckinridge Ky. 1805
Caesar A. Rodney Del. 1807
Caesar A. Rodney Del. 1809
William Pinkney Md. 1811
Richard Rush Pa. 1814
Richard Rush Pa. 1817
William Wirt Va. 1817
William Wirt Va. 1825
John McP. Berrien Ga. 1829
Roger B. Taney Md. 1831
Bennjamin F. Butler N. Y. 1833
Bennjamin F. Butler N. Y. 1837
Felix Grundy Tenn. 1838
Henry D. Gilpin Pa. 1840
John J. Crittenden Ky. 1841
John J. Crittenden Ky. 1841
Hugh S. Legaré S. C. 1841
John Nelson Md. 1843
John Y. Mason Va. 1845
Nathan Clifford Me. 1846
Isaac Toucey Conn. 1848
Reverdy Johnson Md. 1849
John J. Crittenden Ky. 1850
Caleb Gushing Mass. 1853
Jeremiah S. Black Pa. 1857
Edward M. Stanton Ohio 1860
Edward Bates Mo. 1861
Titian J. Coffey (ad in.)  Pa. 1863
James Speed Ky. 1864
James Speed Ky. 1865
Henry Stanbery Ohio 1868
William M. Evarts N. Y. 1868
Ebenezer R. Hoar Mass. 1869
Amos T. Ackerman Ga. 1870
George H. Williams Ore. 1871
Edward Pierrepont N. Y. 1875
Alphonso Taft Ohio 1876
Charles Devens Mass. 1877
Wayne MacVeagh Pa. 1881
Benjamin H. Brewster Pa. 1881
Augustus H. Garland Ark. 1885
William H. H. Miller Ind. 1889
Richard Olney Mass. 1893
Judson Harmon Ohio 1895
Joseph McKenna Cal. 1897
John W. Griggs N. J. 1897
Philander C. Knox Pa. 1901
William H. Moody Mass. 1904
Charles J. Bonaparte Md. 1907