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were already dead. But go as quickly as possible, and learn instead of[1] me.

Phid. What good could[2] any one learn from them?

Strep. What, really! Whatever wisdom there is amongst men. And you will know yourself, how ignorant[3] and stupid you are. But wait for me here a short time. [Runs off.]

Phid. Ah me! what shall I do, my father being crazed? Shall I bring him into court and convict him of lunacy, or shall I give information of his madness to the coffin-makers? [Re-enter Strepsiades with a cock under one arm and a hen under the other.]

Strep. Come, let me see; what do you consider this to be? tell me.

Phid. Alectryon.

Strep. Right. And what this?

Phid. Alectryon.

Strep. Both the same? You are very ridiculous. Do not do so, then, for the future; but call this ἀλεκτρύαινα, and this one ἀλέκτωρ.

Phid. Ἀλεκτρύαινα! Did you learn these clever things by going in just now to the Titans?[4]

Strep. And many others too; but whatever I learnt on each occasion I used to forget immediately, through length of years.

Phid. Is it for this reason, pray, you have also lost your cloak?

Strep. I have not lost it; but have studied it[5] away.

Phid. What have you made of your slippers, you foolish man?

Strep. I have expended them, like Pericles,[6] for needful

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