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The Sceptic Speaks.

Your life is half-way o'er;
The clock-hand moves; your soul is thrilled with fear,
It roamed to distant shore
And sought and found not, yet you—linger here!

Your life is half-way o'er;
That hour by hour was pain and error sheer:
Why stay? What seek you more?
"That's what I'm seeking—reasons why I'm here!"

Ecce Homo.

Yes, I know where I'm related,
Like the flame, unquenched, unsated,
I consume myself and glow:
All's turned to light I lay my hand on,
All to coal that I abandon,
Yes, I am a flame, I know!

Star Morality.[1]

Foredoomed to spaces vast and far,
What matters darkness to the star?

Roll calmly on, let time go by,
Let sorrows pass thee—nations die!

Compassion would but dim the light
That distant worlds will gladly sight.

To thee one law—be pure and bright!

  1. Translated by Miss M. D. Petre.