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36 THE CONDOR Vol. XlX 42. Colaptes cafer collaris. Red-shafted Flicker. Fairly common throughout timbered portions of the county, and also seen in scattered cottonwood groves along the low foothills. 43. Phalaenoptilus nuttalli nuttalii. Poor-will. None seen, lout one heard calling late in the evening of August 11, at the mouth of Little Dry Creek Canyon. 44. Chordeiies virginianus henryi. Western Nighthawk. Several noted on June 8 along open ridges of Little Dry Creek Canyon. They became fairly common by July 1; very few were seen after August 20. 45. Selasphorus platycercus? Broad-tailed Hummingbird. On July 9 one was seen several times in a willow thicket near the head of a small open c?tnyon near Spen- ?cr.

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Fig. 14. NEST A?D EGGS OF ?REE?-TAILED TOWHEE, nENEATH SAGE BUS?. 46. Tyrannus ve?icaliz. Western Kingbird. Four seen near a ranch house a sho? distance from Henry Lake, August 25. 47. ?uttailorniz boreaiiz. Olive-sided Flycatcher. Occurs spa?ngly in the hea- vily wooded canyons. Obse?ed July 9 in dense Douglas fir wo?s near the head of Lit- tle Dry Creek Canyon. 48. Myiochanez richardzo0i richardz?ni. Weste? W?d Pewee. One seen June 23 near a small ?ove of cottonwood ?ees on the Burnside Ranch near Spencer. 49. Otocoriz alpeztriz leucolaema. Desert Horned Lark. Common throughou? sage cove?d plains and valleys. Also frequently observed around cultivated fields near Small.