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Mar.,1917 ANNOTATED LIST O1? THE BIRDS O1? i?'REMONT COUNTY 37 50. Pica pica hudsonia. Magpie. On June 5 and August 29 Magpies were noted commonly in Montana along the Oregon Short Line, nearly to Monida, Fremont County. I had expected to find them common in Fremont County, but not a single one was ob- served during the summer. I was told that they had been common in former years, and I found a number of old nests in willow thickets, near springs. but there were none of recent make. 51. Cyanocitta stelleri annectens. Black-headed Jay. Occurs sparingly in the heavily wooded canyons throughout the county. 52. Corvus brachyrhynchos hesperis. Western Crow. Not common. One seen along Little Dry Creek, near Spencer, July 15, and thre? near Kilgore, August 26. , Fig. 15. NEST AND EGGS OF BREWER SPARROW, IN SAGE BUSH, SHO?'INO DEEPLY CUPPED STRUCTURE. 53. Nucifraga coiumbiana. Clarke Nutcracker. Occurs sparingly in heavily wooded canyons throughout the county. A number of full grown young were seen in Little Dry Creek Canyon, June 18. 54. Moiothrus ater ater. Cowbird. Two seen at a stock corral near Highbridge, June 26. Cowbird eggs were found in the following nests: Brewer Blackbird, one, with five eggs of the owner; White-crowned Sparrow, one, with a set of four; Sage Sparrow, two, with one of owner. In the last mentioned instance I removed the two Cowbird eggs, and the mother sparrow deserted l?er nest. 55. Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus. Yellow-headed Blackbird. Two seen near Kilgore, August 26, in company with a large flock of Redwings.