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Mar., 1917 MINUTI?S OF COOPER CLUB MEETINGS 75 DECE?BEB.--The regular meeting of the Northern Division was called to order De- cember 21, 1916, at the Museum of Verte- brate Zoology. President Storer was in the chair, with the following members present: Messrs. Davis, Grinnell, Mailliard, Storer, Squires, Hansen, Lastreto, Bryant, Carriger, Swarth, Wright, Dixon; Mesdames Meade, Schlisinger, Grinnell, Bryant and Allen. Mr. Schlisinger, Mr. Meade and Mr. Kellogg were present as visitors. After the reading of the minutes of the Northern and Southern Divisions, Dr. Hum- mill and Mrs. Foster Elliott were elected to membership, and five names were proposed, four from the minutes of the Southern Di- vision and one, Miss Emma W. Ward, Ala- meda, proposed by Donald Cohen. A letter from Mr. A. L. Barrows, Secre- tary of the Pacific Division of the Associa- tion for the Advancement of Science, asking that the Cooper Club be represented on the program of a meeting to be held at Stan- ford University, was referred to the Execu- tive Committee. The nomination of officers for the year 1917 was then called for by the President. Dr. Barton Evermann was nominated for president by Mr. Joseph Mailliard; Rev. W. A. Squires, for vice-president by Mr. Carri- ger, and Mrs. J. T. Allen for secretary by Dr. Grinnell. Mr. Joseph Mailliard, who attended the meeting of the American Ornithological Union at the Academy of Sciences at Phila- delphia, gave so vivid an account of the meetings of the Union and of his visits to Philadelphia, New York and Washington, that those present felt that they had a part in all his experiences. After considerable informal discussion a giant goose was ex- hibited by Mr. Bryant, and the meeting ad- journed.-AMELiA S. ALLE?, Secretary. SOUTHERN DIVISION D?C?MR?a.--The regular monthly meeting of the Southern Division was held at the Museum of History, Science and Art. Vice- president Law presided, and the following members were present: Messrs. Chambers, Daggett, Holland, Lamb, Law, Tallman, Wil- lerr and Wyman. The minutes of the No- vember meeting were read and approved. The following persons, whose names were presented at the previous meeting, were elected to membership: Mrs. Mabel R. O'Far- rell, San Diego; C. Oscar Reis, Los Angeles; Robie W. Tufts, Wolfville, Nova Scotia; Roscoe Iraqi Giles, Marlborough, Mass. New names were presented, as follows: Jas. Moffitt, San Francisco, by John Mail- liard; James A. Calder, Buena Park, Calif., by John McB. Robertson; Mrs. Victor Cul- berson, Fierro, N.M., by J. Stokely Ligon; Miss Alice Edward Pratt, San Diego, by W. L. Chambers; Rudolph Martin Anderson, care of Geological Survey, Victoria Memor- ial Museum, Ottawa, Canada, by W. L. Chambers; Mrs. Fred J. Loel, San Jose, Calif., by W. L. Chambers; Lew Ward Hud- son, Selma, Calif., by J. G. Tyler. No members of the nominating committee' being present, the annual election of officers was postponed till the January meeting. A letter from A. L. Barrows, Secretary of the Pacific Division of the Association for the Advancement of Science, relative to a spe- cial assessment of five dollars, against the Club, for the support of the Division, was read, but no formal action taken. Mr. Law gave an interesting account of the recent meeting of the A. O. U. in Phila- delphia, which he attended, and told of see- ing several of the important collections in the eastern states, and of ornithological in- vestigations going on in that part of? the country. Adjourned.--L. E. WYmAn, Secre- tary. JANUA?Y.--Regular monthly meeting of the Southern Division w?s held at the Mu- seum of History, Science and Art. Presi- dent Miller presided, with the following members in attendance: Messrs. Brown, Bishop, Chambers, Dickey, Hanna, Huey, Holland, Layne, Little, Law, Moran, Rich, Rittenhouse, Wyman, and Mrs. Law. Mrs. Bishop, Mrs. Falger, and Mr. Reese were visitors. Minutes of the December meeting were read and approved, followed by reading of the November and December minutes of the Northern Division. On motion by Dr. Rich, seconded by Mr. Brown, the secretary was instructed to cast an electing ballot for the persons whose names were presented at the December meeting as follows: James Moffitt, San Francisco; James A. Calder, Buena Park; Mrs. Victor Culberson, Fierro, New Mexico; Miss Alice Edwards Pratt, San Diego; Ru- dolph M. Anderson, Ottawa, Ontario, Cana- da; Mrs. Fred J. Loel, San Jose; Lew Ward Hudson, Selma. New names were presented as follows: Elmer Ufford, Oberlin, Kas., by Guy Love; Claten Osencup, Pasadena, by J. H. Richey; C. A. Thomas, Kennet Square, Pa., by W.