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?6 THE CONDOR Vol. XIX Leon Dawson. The resignation of Dr. John G. Shearer was tendered and accepted. The following resolution was read and or- dered placed on file: "In the passing of Dr. E. A. Mearns or- nithology has lost a devotee of high rank. As an ornithologist Dr. Mearns was a tire- less and thoroughly scientific worker, who published extensively the result of his la- bors. In his social life he was genial and warm-hearted, and left a host of friends who mourn his untimely end. In recognition of his sterling qualities and scientific achievements, therefore, let it be resolved that we, the members of the Cooper Ornithological Club, hereby deplore his death as a distinct loss to science in general and to ornithology in particular." In the absence of a report from the nom- inating committee, the chairman called for nominations from the floor. On motion of Mr. Brown, seconded by Mr. Holland, the outgoing officers were renominated. Dr. Bishop then moved that the secretary be instructed to cast a ballot re-electing these officers. Carried. Mr. Law read a letter fr(?m Mr. Willett relative to the number of geese and ducks in the Sacramento Valley, suggesting that the bag limit on geese was too high. Dr. Rich moved that the Cooper Club go on record as favoring the .reducing of the daily limit of geese to ten. Seconded by Mr. Law, and unanimously carried. Business disposed of, Dr. L. B. Bishop favored the members with an instructive talk on the Blue-winged and Yellow-winged Warblers, and their hybrids. Mr. Hanna told of catching and photographing White- throated Swifts. Adjourned.--L. E. Wr- MAN, Secretary. INTER3/IOUNTAIN CHAPTER DECE?BE?.--Meeting called at 8:15 r. ?. by President Chambers. Members in at- tendance were: Dr. D. Moore Lindsay, J. A. Mullen, A.D. Boyle, J. Sugden, Sr., J. Sug- den, Jr., Prof. J. H. Paul and A. O. Tregan- za. A. O. Treganza acted as secretary pro tern in the absence of Mrs. Treganza. Min- utes of previous meeting were read and ap- proved. Business of evening was as follows: first, election of officers for the ensuing year. Dr. Paul was nominated to the presidency. J. Sugden moved suspension of by-laws and election by acclamation. Carried. Elec- tion of officers was as follows: President, Prof. J. H. Paul; Vice-president, Dr. D. Moore Lindsay; Secretary and Treasurer, A. D. Boyle; Editing Committee, J. Sugden, Mrs. A. O. ?reganza; Progran? Committee, J. A. Mullen, A. O. Treganza. Motion made by Prof. Paul that Investiga- tion and Publicity Committee be changed to read Conservation and Publicity Committee. Carried. Conservation and Publicity Committee, C. T. Barnes, Fred W. Chambers. Motion made that the Club support a movement begun by the City Council to ex- terminate the English Sparrow, the work to be done by paid assistants, that other birds might not suffer. This was followed by an open discussion on the economic value of the sparrow, and the evident failure of the bird sanctuaries set aside within the city limits, due to its ever increasing numbers. Motion made that the Club support Mr. Fred W. Chambers for re-appointment as a non-partisan Game Commissioner, inasmuch as he had commenced much creditable work that would fail under a political appointee. Meeting adjourned at 10 r. M.--A. 0. TRE- GANZA, Secretary. SAN BERNARDINO CHAPTER DECE?IBEI?.--The second informal meeting of the San Bernardino Valley section of the Cooper Ornithological Club was held on December 5, 1916, at the residence of Dr. C. G. Wiggins, Colton, California. No formal papers were read but the agreed subject for the evening was Hawks. Every member at- tending brought all specimens of hawks and their eggs owned by him, and the assem- bled collection was examined and studied, together with such information as each member could give regarding the various species with which he was most familiar. The greater part of the species inhabiting southern California were represented both by skins and eggs, so that a fairly complete account of them was finally presented. The collection of eggs from'the cabinets of Messrs. Pierce and Edwards of Claremont was notable. Those present were: Messrs. Edwards, Pierce and White from Claremont; Mr. and Mrs. M. French Gilman, and Mr. W. F. Gil- man from Banning; Ed. Wall, San Bernar- dino; Mr., Mrs., and Miss C. G. Wiggins, J. R. Pemberton, Colton. It was unanimously agreed that the next meeting be held on January 9, 1917, at the same residence of Dr. Wiggins in Colton, and that the subject for the evening be Owls. Adjourned.-?L R. PEMBEI?TOI% Secretary.