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For t?ale, Exchange ariel. Want Column. Any CoOl?er Club member is entitled to one advertising notice in each issue free. Notices of over ten lines will be charged for at the rate of ten cents l?er line. For this delmrtment, address W. LzE CHAX?RERS, l?agle Roc!?, Los Angeles County, California? WXLL EXCHANGE Vol. X, no. 1, BirchLore, for Index for Vol. x and no. 4; or for Index and Vol. w, no. 6; or for Vol. v, Fern Bulle- tin.--B. F. CASE, Tollang, Conn. WA?TEr?-For cash: The Flora of Wash- ington, by C. V. Piper: Contributions U.S. National Herbarium, vol. 11.--WaLTrR P. TAYLOR, 1428 Perry Place, 3l. W., Washing- ton, D. C. EXCnA?aE--I want the following Birc? Lores with the Fuertes group plates: vol. 7, no. 1, vol. 9, no. 5; also the last five years of the Auk. Offer in exchange, large list of ornithological publications; N. A. Fauna se- ries; rare Alaskan bird skins, or cash if necessary.--GEo. G. CANTWELL, Puyallup, Wash. W?N?EO---"Common Birds of Town and Country", published by the National Geo- graphic Society in 1915.--J. L. SLOANA?S, Kalispell, Montana. BL?-Bra?---Published in co-operation with The Cleveland Bird-Lovers' Association, and devoted to Birc? Stud/y anc? Conservation; $1.00 a year; 10 cents a COlby; Agents Want- eg. Address E?TOR Br?r-Bxav, 1010 Avenue, Clevelang, Ohio. I WA?? one copy each of "The Blue Bird", vol. 6, nos. i and 2, published at Cincinnati, Ohio; edited by Dr. Eugene Swope.--W. LEE CnA?u .r?s, Eagle Rock, Los Angeles County, C<zli?ornia. W?E?--Good photos of any a?d all birds found in Cali/ornia, their nests, eggs, and nesting sites. Will lmy cash or give good exchange in bird skins.--EuwA?v W?LL. San Bernargino, California. FOR SALE--Photographs and lantern slides, lJlain or colored, of birds, nests and eggs, and flowers.---THoMAs H. JACKSON. $04 Franklin ?t., West Cheste?, Pa. FOR S?E--Coml?lete files of Co.or and Bir&Lo?e; also duplicates of Auk, vols. to 30.----LAUREN TREMJPER, J?6 ?'. Dewey Philagelphia, Pa. Wa?TEr--Good lantern slides of birds. I have a small exchange li?t of the same, or will pay reasonable cash price.---J. SnOANA?ER, Kalispell, Montana. AVIFAUN AXII Will be out about May 1 We are b6oking orders now W. Lee Chambers, Business Manager, Eagle Rock, Los Angeles County, California