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The Oologist The oldest, cheapest and most popular Bird publication in America. In March number will appear the best and most com- plete notes on the nidification of the Mississippi Kite that have ever been published. We also begin the Ne.?' Oologi?t*.q Standard Key and Catalogue in an early issue. Only 5oc for an entire year with free 15-word exchange coupon. Address the manager EldNEST I1. Chili, ?q. . FOR EXCHANGE AND SALE Geo. and Geol. Surv. west xooth met. V Zool., Birds (Henshaw) no plates, unbound. Contrib. Philippine Ornithology I895 (Wor- cester and Brown). Birds of the Galapagos Archipelago (Ridgway). Bull. U.S. Dept. Agrie. English Sparrow (Merriam and Barrows). Birds of the Commander Ida. and Kamtschatka (Stejneger). Birds of Kerguelen Island (J. H. Kidder & E. Coues). Catal. Birds of S. XV. Mexico :Geo. N. Lawrence). Published writ- ings of Geo. N. Lawrence. Prairie Ground Squirrel in Mississippi Valley (Vernon Bailey). Review N. Am. Birds, part I, Oscines t866 (Baird). List of Birds of Oneida Co., N.Y. (Ralph and Bagg). California Water Birds III, So. Farallon Id (L. M. Loomis). Evolution of of Colors in N. A. Land Birds, colored charts (Keeler). Sequence of Plumages and Moults of Passefine Birds of N.Y. plates I-VII (Dwight). Bulletin Nuttall Ornithological Club, Vol. I-V (cash only). ?Vidologist, Nov. 93- Mch. '94, Sept. '95, ?5c each. Osprey Sept. 96, May '97, Nov. and Dec. I9OO ISC each. Oregon Natural- ist Vol. II, No. 7, '95, Vol. V, Nos. I-5, '97 ?oc each. Museum odd numbers. A number of minor bird papers; prices on others, apply. Exchange only for such as I need. Wanted: Bailey's Handbook, Wilson's Amer. Ornithol- ogy, Goss' Birds of Kansas, B. B. and R. Land Birds 3 vols., Auk ? to VI, Minot's Game Birds of New England, Samuel's Birds of N. England, and any separates or other ornithological pub- lications not in nay library. W. Oa?ro EMERSON. Haywards, Cal. EXCHANGES PINE SISKINS----! have 5 sets of siskin for sale, as follows: Three sets, nest and 3 egg each at ?6; nest and 4 eggs at 1?7-5o; nest and 3 eggs, one of the eggs dented by pencil at 1?5. Also 2 partial sets, one of 2 eggs and one of 3 eggs, with nests, at $3.5o and ?5 respectively. Also some less desirable sets to exchange for books and papers. Send list of papers, etc. HENRY B. KAEDING, 8?o Scott St., San Francisco, Cal. FOR SALE--A large general collection of postage stamps. V?'nte for list of any countries you specialize in or particularly desire. Milton S. Ray, 44 Market St., San Francisco, Cal. NOTICE--Here is a bargain. A Hammond Typewriter (used 9 months) to excange for $?75 worth of strictly first class sets, with complete data. This is a $ioo machine, and this exchange in eggs will represent not more than $$5 cash. Three kinds of type. Everything in A-i order. Let me hear from all who are in need of a ma- chine, and oblige. Yours for business, CL%RENCE H. LUTHER, D. D. S. Fayetteville, Ark. Got a Camera? or HAVE YOU A HOBBY? Send ten cents to the undersigned and you will re- ceive for three months the oldest, largest aud best col- lectors' monthly for all kinds of Hobbies: Natural History and American lIistorical Discoveries, Coins, Stamps, Curios, Relics, Photography, Minerals, Sciences, Illustrated Souvenir Post Cards, Rarities, and New Finds for all Kinds of Collectors. THE PHILATELIC WEST AND CAMERA NEWS. Superior, 1?lebraska, U. /?. A. Greatest of its kind in the World. Fifty centn entitles you to a year's subscription and a free 15-word exchange notice in the largest exchange department extant Thls xoo-Page Illustrated Monthly was established in x895, and lms the largest cir- culation o! any Collector's monthly in the world, and in size has no rival. More ads. in the West than in all other American Collector's monthlies combined. The best-paying medium for advertisers. Rates small, results large. It will pay you to write us about it. OUR MOTTO: "The best and lots of it." Invest ten cents judiciously by sending it to I,. T. BRODYTONiC, Publisher, Superior, Nebraska, Send five cents for membership card to American Camera Club Exchange. Over 480o members in all parts of the world, or 5 ? cents for one year's membership to American Historical and Natural History Society. Try it. Iq? I? I?IN][? AND DANDY No matter what your Hobby, ?b keeps you posted.