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July, x9o4 I THE CONDOR IO 5 Hirundo erythrogastra. Barn Swallow. Bridge Creek, June 6. Tachycineta t. lepida. Violet-green Swallow. Observed flying over Bridge Creek on June 6. Stelgidopteryx serripennis. Rough-winged Swallow. Observed along the stream at Bridge Creek, June 7. Probably nesting in the soft banks. Ampelis cedrorum. Cedar Bird. Noted among the birches at Lower Basin, June 30, in flocks of eight to ten and very shy. Vireo g. swainsoni. Western Warbling Vireo. Two taken in full song in willows on Bridge Creek, June io. A family of large young was noted in birches at Lower Basin, June 28. Dendroica astiva. Yellow Warbler. First seen among willows at Eight Mile Creek on May 25. Abundant on Birch Creek and at the Cove. Dendroica nigrescens. Black-throated Gray Warbler. On June 2, it was found in some numbers among the junipers at foot of Bridge Creek beds. It was extreme- ly shy and no specimen could be obtained. Dendroica auduboni. Audubon Warbler. A single specimen was observed above the Lower Basin, June 27 . Geothlypis t. occidentalis. Western Yellow-throat. First noted on Eight Mile Creek on May 25 . Abundan! also on Bridge Creek in June. Geothlypis tolmiei. Tolmie Warbler. A single specimen was taken in a birch tree at the Cove, June 25. Several were taken in willows at Lower Basin July, i. Icteria v. longicauda. Long-tailed Chat. Quite common in willows on Bridge Creek, June 2. Viiisonia p. pileolata. Pileolated Warbler. A female was taken feeding in willows on Bridge Creek, June io. Setophaga ruticilla. American Redstart. A single male was taken in full song among the willows on river at Lower Basin, July i. The plumage however was quite immature. The specimen is No. 53 of the collection. 0roscoptes raontanus. Sage Thrasher. First noted at Thorn Hollow on May 27 . I consider this bird the finest of the songsters next to the mocking bird. The pureness of his notes equals those of the mocker but the range is not so great. He has the charm of originality however. A peculiar trick of the bird was observed at sunrise one morning on a flower-covered hilltop. One was seen to start upward flying in small, irregular circles until it disappeared directly overhead. Salpinctes obsoletus. Rock Wren. High up among the lava terraces of Bridge Creek, I found this species among the junipers, not entirely confined to the rocks but frequently perched high on a dead juniper, singing aquite varied song involv- ing ,everal musical intervals, the character still Salpinctes however. June 4. Troglodytes a. parkmani. Western House Wren. A single specimen was observed in the side canyon above the Lower Basin, June 30. Catherpes m. conspersus. Canyon Wren. First seen, May 27, at Sherar's Bridge. On June 5 it was found among the lava terraces on Bridge Creek in full song and among the beds at the Cove on June 22. Parus garabeli. Mountain Chickadee. June i5, seen and heard singing among the pines and Douglas spruce at Spanish Gulch. The song is a beautiful, clear whistle of two long notes--A" and G," the G" tone held slightly the longer. On June 27, it was found not at all rare among the willows and cotton- woods along the river at Lower Basin. Regulus calendula. Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Observed among leafless willows at Caleb on June t 3.