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Jan., i9o6 1 A COLLECTING TRIP TO SOUTHEASTERN COLORADO 24. Dryobates scalaris bairdi. Texas Woodpecker. l'ook one, a male, and saw three others April 17, ill trees along Bear Creek, near Springfield. On May l? took a female in same locality. I think it likely it may be a regular summer resident. 55. Melanerpes erythrocephalus. Red-headed Woodpecker. Tile only ones seen were two males, on May ?6, near Springfield, along Bear Creek, but it seemed to be well known, and is no doubt a regular summer resident. 56. Colaptes curer collaris. Red-shafted Flicker. Seen at Lamar and at Springfield. One taken at Lamar is somewhat of an intermediate, or "hybrid." 57. Phala?noptilus nuttalli. Poor-will. Seen at Springfield May ?6, also at Ganme's ranch. They may have been 2?itidus, but as I did not get a specimen have placed them as above. Summer resident. 58. Chorderies virginianns henryi. Western Nighthawk. First seen at Gaume's May 2?; frequently seen after that and also at Springfield May 59. Sum- met resident. 59. Tyrannus tyrannus. Kingbird. First seen near Monon May 3; two or three seen tilere all told aud as many about Springfield a little later. A sum- met resident, but apparently not at all c?mlmon. 3o. Tyrannus verticalis. Arkausas Kingbird. First positively identified at Morion May 3, though I am quite sure I saw one April 3 o. There were many on the3rd. At Springfield, ou the xlth, I found many in the trees along Bear Creek, noisy and restless. On the 29tll saw one on a nest there. They were also seen at Gaume's ranell. I frequently saw them on the prairie, a mile or more from trees. 3I. Myiarchus cinerascens. Ash-throated Flycatcher. A single bird seen and taken at Gaume's ranch, May 55. This is possibly the most eastern record. 35. Say0rnis saya. Say Phoebe. Seen everywhere I went. A common summer resident. A nest with two eggs seen at Morion about May ist. On May 58 found a nest built ill a niche in the wall of a well, about six feet below the curb, and containing six eggs. 33- C0nt0pus virensĀ ? Wood Pewee. A specimen taken near Springfield is thus labelled by Mr. Ridgway. It was taken May I5. It differs considerably from the specimens of C. richardsonitakeu at the same place a little later, but seem- ingly not enough to positively place it with vt're?ts. If it were vire?s, it would apparently be the first record for Colorado. 34. C0nt0pus richards0ni. Western Wood Pewee. Taken on Bear Creek, near Springfield, May 30. 35. Empid0nax minimus. Least Flycatcher. A single specimen taken near Springfield May x3. 36. Empid0nax trailli. Traill Flycatcher. Two females taken on Bear Creek, uear Springfield, May 29; they showed no indications of having begun to breed. 37. Ot0c0ris alpestris leuc01?emal Desert Horned Lark. Not seen close to Lamar, but common several miles south along the stage road, and common every- where on the prairies in Baca County. Called "pausy birds" there, from a fancied resemblance of the throat and head markings to a pausy flower. About Spring- field they seemed to be mating the middle of April. May x7 I saw near Spring- field a young bird just out of the nest, and later in the day thought I saw a fam- ily. On May 58 I found a nest with three eggs near Springfield. June 5 there were a good many young, just able to fly, along the road between Spring- field and Lamar.