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A LOYER ? of the Out Door !,ire Needs Outing Clothing ? . We hlako it Handsome, Comfort- ? ? ' '? ablegarmeutsof khaki and corduroy, made to ply high grade foot wear, laced hoots, moccasins, still hunters dries. ALWAYS IN STOCK Taxidermists Guns Standard Ammunition , ? ?, Fishing Tackle .... ' ? Compasses ? ., Field Glasses The A?Vm. H. Hoegee Co., Inc. 138-X40-I42 South Main St. Los Angeles, C?l. The Warblers ot North mcrica l]y N'I?AN?e' M. CHAPMAN With ?4 full page colored plates, illustrating male, female andyonng of all species, and eight full page plates ot nests and eggs. l?arge 8vo Cloth, $a.9o The Bird, Its Form and Fnnctiou, by C. V?'illiam Beebe, with over 37 illustrations $3 35 Peary's Nearest the Pole ................ The?'arbler x9o5 and :9o? 2 Vols. c?mplete 4x 5o , 5 The V?'arbler Book and Warbler, 2 Vols- x9o5-6 .................... Country Life iu Amerf?a,'iulf ?;&r, ?'?d' i6e 4 ?o Warbler Book ............................. $ 75 The Warbler Book and Bird Lore, full year. 3 60 The V?'arbler Book and a New subscription to the Condor ............................. 3 65 Prompt quotations on any Book, Magazine, Oologists and Taxidermists Tools. l?ggs in fine sets, lists for the asking. DEHJAMIN HOA6 Stephentown, New York WANTED?Pair of each of all the Hum- mingbirds (U.S. and Foreign, excepting Blackchinned, Costa, Anna, Allen.) Best of exchange offered, and only best of skins ac- cepted. Send skins subiect to examination. Refer you to any official Southern Division, Cooper Club. C. B. LXNTON, ?658 Easl 39 St., Los ?tngeles, Cal. OOLOGISTS AND ORNITHOLOGISTS ATTENTION--"In the Haunts of the Swain- son's Warbler," A booklet giving the de- scription, migration, notes? food, nests and eggs, etc. Illustrated by photograph,; by DR. 1?I. T. CLECKLE, /?o?Stt? Ga. SENT POST- PAID FOR 35 CENTS. WANTED--I will give two dollars, cash, for a good copy of Vol. I, No. 3 of the CONDOR (Bulletin of Cooper Ornithological Club). ROBERT P. SHARPLES, [?/eSt C/lester? Pa. V?'heu replying to advertisements THE NEW MAMMAL BOOK alif0rnia 5iammals By FRANK STEPHENS Large octavo; 35o pages; illustrated; cloth bound. Describes all the known species and subspecies of California mammals, gives their general range and more or less notes on their habits. PRICE $3.50, POSTPAID Published and for sale by the West Coast Publishing go., 2299 Robinson Ave., 8an Diego, 6alifornia dease inertlion THE CONDOR