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The First o! a Series o! Colored Plates o! {he Thrushes ot H orth Americu B?' FUERTE$ and HOI?$FA!?L. was published in BIIkD-LOIkE for Februar',.,. The Series will be Concluded This Year 20 Cents a Copy. $1.00 a Year. THE MACMILLAN CO., N E W Y 0 I?, I1 C' I T Y The 0olo9is! A ?nonthly puhltcation devoted to Oolo?., Ornithology and Taxidermy. Pubhshed by Frank H. Lattin, M.D., Albion, N. Y. The oldest, cheapest and ?nost popular "Bird" Publication in America. The best exchange and want columns. Question and answer Colu?uns open to Collectors and studeuts in every branch o! Natural History. An exitire year w?th free 25c exchange notice coupon only 5oc. One year's subscription, a copy of our New standard Catalogue interleaved for notes aud a copy of our New Portfolio o! Bird Photos all postpaid for $?.oo. Sample copy on application. Address, ]?RNI?ST H. SHORT Editor and Manager !!! American {lalualis{ A Monthly Journal Devoted to the Natural Sciences in Their Widest Sense. Since its foundation in ?8? 7 by four o! the pupils o! Louis Agassiz, THE AMERICAN NATURAL- IST has been a representative American maga- zine o? Natural History and has played an important part in the advancement o! science in this country. The journal aims to present to its readers the leading facts and discoveries in the fields o? Anthropology, General Biology, Zoology, Botany, Paleontology, Geology and Mineralogy, and the various subdivisions of those subjects. Annual subscription, $4.oo net in ad- vance. Single copies, 35 cents. Foreign subscription, $4.60. CINN If COMPANY, Publishers Boston New York Chicago London v,'hen replying to advertisements please mention THE CONDOR