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DEBRETTS ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. 43 Augustus, b. 1831 : in. 1858, Matilda Lavinia, da. of Col. John George Nathaniel Gibbes and has issue living, George Augustus, <j. 18 , Eva Constance Elizabeth Fanny, Dora Lavinia. Resi- dence, Alberto Terrace, Darlinghurst Road, Sydney, N.S. Wales. Susanna. Julia. Residence, Morton Hall, Norwich. The Berneys were seated at Berney, near Walshingham, Norfolk, at the time of the Norman Conquest, having prior thereto come from Bernay in Normandy, and given their name to the place where they became seated. It is claimed for the Berneys that they are one of the three families who (i.) settled in England before the Conquest, (ii.) have never wanted a male heir, and (iii.) have never been in trade. The ist baronet, Sir Richard Berney, was Sheriff of Norfolk 1622, and the 4th baronet was Sheriff of Norwich 1762. BIDDULPH, Creation 1664, of Westcomfoe, Kent. Sir THEOPHILUS GEORGE BIDDULPH, 8th Baronet; b. April 3rd, 1874 ; s. his father, Sir THEOPHILUS WILLIAM, 1883. jJatran of fflnt Jibing Birdingbury R., Warwickshire. ^rms Vert, an eagle displayed argent. Crtst A wolf rampant argent, wounded on the shoulder proper. Sister living Mary. Collateral Branches living. Grandchildren of the late Rev. John Biddulph, 2nd son of 4th baronet : Issue of the late Capt. William Biddulph, I. 1805, d. 1852: ;. 1841, Hannah Sarah, da. of the late Dr. Nathaniel Wallick, of the H.E.I. Co.'s Botanical Gardens, Calcutta: WILLIAM WALLICK, b. May ist, 1842 : m. 1868, Annie, da. of the late William Hugh Barnikel. Esq.. of Pembroke. Sophia. Issue of the late Lieut.-Col. Edward Biddulph, C.B., 3rd son of 5th baronet, b. 1788, d. 1858 : m. 18 , Louisa, da. of Col. Kelly : Louisa Theodosia : m. 1865, Lieut -Col. George Harris, R.E. Frances Sophia: ;. 1884, the Rev. Henry Deshon. Mary Anne : in. 1872, George Josiah Curtis, Esq. Laura Georgina : in. 1883, Charles Valance Cambridge, Esq. Residence, 207, Hampstead Road, N.W. Issue of the late Rev. John Biddulph (ante), b. 17 , d. 1837 : m. 18 , Sophia, who d. 1863, da. of the Rev. Sir Charles Wheler, 7th baronet : Jane. Residence, Frankton Hall, near Rugby. Lucy. Residence, Frankton Hall, near Rugby. BIRKBECK, Creation 1886, of Horstead Hall, Norwich. Sir EDWARD BIRKBECK, ist Baronet, son of the late Henry Birkbeck, Esq., of Kesvvick Hall, Norfolk ; b. Oct. nth, 1838; is a J.P. and a D.L. for Norfolk, and Chm. of Royal National Lifeboat Institution ; was Pres. of the first National Fisheries Exhibition held at Norwich 1881, and Chm. of Executive Committee of Great International Fisheries Exhi- bition (London) 1883 ; appointed a Public Works Loan Commr. 1885; satasM.P. for N. Norfolk (C) 1879 to 1885, and for E. Div. of Norfolk 1885-92, when he was defeated ; cr. a Bart. Feb. 1886: m. 1865, the Hon. Mary Augusta Jolliffe, da. of ist Baron Hylton. In base a lion's head er hazel branch, all proper. Seat- Horstead Hall, Norwich. Ttmm Residence 10, Charles Street, Berkeley Square, W. Clubs Marlborough, Carlton, Royal Yacht Squadron. BISSHOPP, Creation 1620, of Parham, Sussex. [Extinct 1870.] Sir EDWARD CECIL BISSHOPP, nth and last Baronet. Daughter living Of 9th Baronet Mary Cecil Augusta : m. 1874, William Eaton Young, Esq. [see Young, Bart., cr. 1813]. Residence, Parham, Lansdown Road, Bath. WidOW living Of llth Baronet MARY (Lady Bisshopp), da. of Adm. Taylor, of the Brazilian Navy: m. ist, 1849, Sir Edward Cecil Bisshopp, nth and last baronet, who </. 1870; 2ndly, 1880, Count Quarto, of Italy. Residence, Colle Fe'lice, Maddaloni, Naples.