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44 DEBRETTS ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. BLACKETT, Creation 1673, of Matfen Hall, Northumberland. Sir EDWARD WILLIAM BLACKETT, yth Baronet ; b. March 22nd, 1831 ; s. his father, Sir EDWARD, 1885 ; ed. at Eton ; entered the Army 1851, became Major 1862, Lieut. -Col. (h.p.) 1870, Col. 1878, and Hon. Major-Gen. 1881 ; served in Crimea 1854-5 (wounded, medal with four clasps, Turkish medal, and Legion of Honour, 5th class) ; is a County Alderman for Northumberland : m. 1871, the Hon. Julia Frances Somerville, da. of I7th Baron Somerville (title dormant], and has issue. Vrms Argent, on a chevron between three mullets pierced sable, three escallops of the field. Crtst A hawk's head erased proper. Stat Matfen Hall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Club Army and Navy. Nous travaillerons en SOUS living HUGH DOUGLAS, b. March 24th, 1873. - Arthur espe'rance. Edward, b. 1874. - Ralph, b. 1877. We will labor in hope. Brothers living- Charles Francis, b. 1841; formerly Capt. Rifle Brig., Hon. Major 1881 ; served in Indian Mutiny 1859 (medal) : in. 1886, Henrietta Louise Johanne Martha, da. of Herr Carl Schmidt, and has issue living, Vera Katharina, b. 1888. Residence, 49, Nerothal, Wiesbaden. Clubs, Naval and Military, Burlington. Henry Wise Ridley, b. 1842; formerly Major igth Hussars; Lieut.-Col. (retired) 1884. Club, Army and Navy. Sisters living Frances Julia. - Anna Maria: /. 1863, Lieut.-Col. Godfrey Wentworth Beau- mont, Scots Guards, who d. 1876, and has issue living, Ronald Wentworth, b. 1864, Hugh Dylais, b. 1873, Ernest Godfrey, b. 1874, Evelyn Julia, Marion Edith, Ethel Alice, Sybil Helen, Lilian Laura. - Georgiana Emma : in. 1871, Rear-Adm. John Crawford Wilson, who d. 1885, and has issue li% r ing, Julia Margaret. Residence, Clewer House, East Molesey, Surrey. Mary Elizabeth : in. 1865, George Mark Leycester Egerton, Esq., late of Rifle Brigade [see Milner, Bart.], and has issue living, Thomas Francis, b. 1869, Margaret Charlotte, Helen Lucy, Alice Mary, Kathleen Alethea. Residence, The Mount, York. Uncle living (son of 5th Baronet) John Charles, b. 1813 : m. ist, 1845, Maria, who d. 1847, da. of Ben- jamin Berthon, Esq., of Woodlands, Tasmania ; zndly, 1852, Emily Jane, da. of the late Col. William Wild Cockcraft, of s8th Regt., and has issue living (by ist marriage), Mary Patience: m. 1866, Gosling, Esq., and has issue living, Henry Beaumont b. 1886, Kathleen Marion, John Charles, b. 1865, Henry, R.N., b. 1867; became a Lieut. 1890, Frances Ida, Louisa: m. 1882, James Blenkinsop, Esq., of Elm Lodge, Egham, Emily, Edith, Nesta Mary, Evelyn. Residence, Thorpe Lea, Egham, Surrey. Club, Athenaeum. Charles, b. 1815. Widow living Of 6th Baronet ALETHEA RIANETTB ANNE (Lady Blacketf), da. of the late Gen. William Henry Scott, Scots Guards [B. Stanley of Alderley] : m, ist, 1880, as his fourth wife, Sir Edward Blackett, 6th baronet, who d. 1885 ; 2ndly, 1888, Henry Gisborne Holt, Esq. Resi- dence, The Grove, Ropley, Hants. The ist baronet acquired considerable wealth by his mines and collieries. The 2nd baronet was M.P. for Newcastle-on-Tyne, and an Alderman and sometime Mayor of that borough. BLACKWOOD, Creation 1814. Sir FRANCIS BLACKWOOD, 4th Baronet, son of 2nd Baronet; b. Nov. nth, 1838; s. his brother, Sir HENRY, R.N., 1854 ; entered R.N. 1850, became Com. 1869, and Capt. (retired) 1886 ; served in Crimea (medal with two clasps, Turkish medal), : m. 1st, 1861, Laura Olivia, who d. 1865, da. of R. S. Palmer, Esq., of Merrion Square, Dublin; 2ndly, 1871, Dorothy Frances, da. of the late Rev. E. H. Quicke, of Newton St. Cyres. Devon, and has issue. ^rms Argent, a saltire sable, on a chief of the last three holly-leaves of the field. Crrst On a cap of maintenance a crescent. Club United Service. Per vias rectas. By right patlis. Sons living-By 1st marriage HENRY ROBERT TEMPLE, b. Oct. 6th, 1862 : m. 1892, Rebecca Paffard, da. of J. Scullard, Esq. By 2nd marriage Francis Edward, b. 1874. Maurice, b. 1882. Neville Foster, b. 1884. Daughters living By 1st marriage Laura Gwendoline : >. 1887, the Rev. Louis Henry Bradford, and has issue living, Charles Henry Welman, b. 1888, Humphrey Clement Palmer, b. 1890. By 2nd marriage Ida Dorothy. Sisters living Georgina Louisa : m. 1864, Andrew Stirling, Esq. Residence, 30, Eccleston Street, S.W. Charlotte: in. 1868, Frederick Charles Ashworth, Esq., who d. 1889, and has issue living, Guy Charles, b. 1869 ; is Lieut. 2nd Batn. Prince of Wales's Vol. (S. Lancashire Regt.), Leonard Temple, b. 1870; is Lieut. R.A., Hugh Stirling, b. 1875, Rose Henriette Louisa Cecilia: ;. 1867, Major Reynold Alleyne Clement [Alleyne, Bart.], and has issue living, Sydney Reynold, b. 1873, Violet Mary, Maud, Ida Kathleen. Residence, Ascot.