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8o DEBRETT S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. WILLIAMS-BULKELEY, Creation 1661, of Penrhyn, Carnarvonshire. Sir RICHARD HENRY WILLIAMS-BULKELEY, i2th Baronet ; b. Dec. 4th, 1862 ; s. his father, Sir RICHARD LEWIS MOSTYX, 1884 ; ed. at Eton; is a J.P. for Anglesey and Carnarvon, a D.L., a County Councillor (Beaumaris Div.), and Dep. Chm. of Quarter Sessions for Anglesey (High Sheriff 1887), Hon. Lieut. Roy. Naval Reserve, and Lieut. Comdg. Liverpool Brig., Roy. Naval Artillery Vol. : /. 1885. Lady Magdalen Yorke, da. of 5th Earl of Hardwicke, and has issue. ihtron of Jbrtc JJibings Llangwyllog V., L'.andegvan R. with Beau- maris C., Llanvaes V. with Penmon V., Anglesey. Quarterly : ist and 4th, sable a chevron between three bulls' heads cabossed argent ; a canton ermine, Bulkclcy ; 2nd and 3rd, gules, a chevron ermine between three men's heads couped in profile proper, Williams. Cnst ist, out of a ducal coronet a bull's head argent, horned or, charged with a chevron sable ; 2nd, a stag's head cabossed argent. Seat Baron Hill, Beaumaris. Clubs Turf, Marlborough. Nee temere, nee timide. Neither rashly nor timidly. Son living- RICHARD GERARD WELLESLEY, b. July zist, 1887. Daughters living Generis Alma Windham, b. 1889. Eira Helen, b. 1891. Half-SiSter living Bridget Henrietta Frances, b. 1871. Aunts living (daughters of gth Baronet) Charlotte Jemima : in. 1834, Stewart Henry Paget, Esq., who d. 1860 [see M. Anglesey, colls.]. Selina Mary. Amelia Jane : m. 1846, Gen. William Mark Wood, who d. 1883, and has issue living, Amelius Richard Mark LOCKWOOD, M.P. (of Bishop's Hall, Romford. and 5, Audley Square, W.), b. 1847 ; ed. at Eton ; formerly Capt. and Lieut. -Col. Coldstream Guards ; is a J.P. for Essex; assumed the original surname of Lockwood 1876 ; has sat as M.P. for Essex, W., or Epping, Div (C) since 1892 : tit. 1876, Isabella, da. of Sir John Ralph Milbanke-Huskisson, 8th baronet, William Robert Percival, b. 1851 ; formerly Capt. Oxford Militia ; is a D.L. for Essex : in. 1876, Chinty Mary Catherine, da. of the late Gen. Corbet Cotton, [see V. Combermere, colls.], Amy Rachel. Residence, 13, Chesham Street. S.W. Widow living Of llth Baronet MARGARET ELIZABETH (Lady Williams- B-ulkt ley), da. of the late Lieut.-Col. Thomas Peers Williams, M.P., of Temple House, Bucks: tn. 1866, Sir Richard Lewis Mostyn Williams- Bulkeley, nth baronet, who d. 1884. Residence, 33, Cadogan Place, S.W. Collateral Branches living. Issue of the late Capt. Robert Griffith Williams, 2nd son of gth baronet, b. 1809, d, 1865 : in. 18 , Mary Anne, da. of Piers Geale, Esq. : Laura Anne (Lady Gresley) : m. 1854, Sir Thomas Gresley, loth baronet, who d. 1868. Residence, 55, Great Cumberland Place, W. Charlotte Maria : m. 1861, William Robert Gamul Farmer, Esq., and has issue living, Alice Matilda Mary. Residence, Nonsuch Park, Cheam, Surrey. Frances Elizabeth. Louisa Gwyn : m. 1878, Marcus Piers Francis Caulfeild, Esq., C. B. [see E. Charlemont, colls.]. Kathleen Emily Bulkeley (Lady ArthurC. Wellesley)'. m. 1872, Lieut.-Col. Lord Arthur Charles Wellesley [see D. Wellington]. Residence, Issue of the late Major Arthur Wellesley Williams. 3rd son of gth baronet, /'. 1817, d. 1891 : m. 1854, Rose (now of 29, Eaton Rise, Baling), da. of the late Rev. W. Stoddart, and widow of R. Breeks, Esq. : Arthur Richard Llewellyn, b. 1859. Rupert Owen Glyndwyr, b. 1866. Mabel Rose : in. 1884, the Rev. Richard Ernest Ricketts [.Ji? Tempest, Bart., cr. 1827, colls.]. Residence, Moldron, Rich- mond, Yorkshire. Annie Frances : m. 1885, Edward Miles, Esq., who d. 1890, and has issue living, Mirth Winifred. Residence, 29, Eaton Rise, Baling. Edith Nina. Selina Rachel. Marguerite Fanny. The zoth baronet assumed the additional surname of Bulkeley in 1822, on succeeding to the estates of Viscount Bulkeley. MANNINGHAM-BULLER, Creation 1866, of Dilhorn Hall, Staffordshire. Sir MORTON EDWARD MANNINGHAM-BULLER, 2nd Baronet ; b. May 3 ist, 1825 ; s. his father. Sir EDWARD. 1882 ; ed. at Eton, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1847); for- merly Hon. Col. Comdg. 3rd Batn. The Prince of Wales's (N. Staffordshire Regt.), of which Batn. he is now Hon. Col. : is a D.L. and a J.P. for Staffordshire : m. 1863, Mary, da. of the late William Davenport, Esq., of Maer Hall, Newcastle- under-Lyne, and has issue. ^rms Quarterly : ist and 4th, sable, on a cross argent quarterly pierced of the field, four eagles displayed of the first, Bnller ; 2nd and 3rd, sable, a fesse ermine in chief three griffins' heads erased or, the fesse charged with a cross-crosslet gules for difference, Manningham. ffrtsts ist, Saracen's head affrontee couped proper ; 2nd, out of a ducal coronet gules, Aquila non capit muscas a talbot's head or, collared gules, line terminating in a knot sable, neck charged with a cross-crosslet gules for difference. An eagle aoes not catch Seat Dilhorn Hall, Cheadle, Staffordshire. C/wfe-Uuited Uni- flies. versity, County (Stafford).