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DEBRETT S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. 81 Daughters living Evelyn Mary: in. 1891, William Henry Feilden, Esq., el. son of Sir William Leyland Feilden, srd Bart. Adelaide Marianne. Lilian. Brother living EDMUND MANNINGHAM, b. June nth, 1828; entered Rifle Brig. 1845, became Capt. 1854, Major 1858, Lieut.-Col. 1870, Col. 1875 (h.p. 1882), and Maj.-Gen. 1885 ; retired 1889 ; commanded Regimental Depot at Lichfield 1877-82 ; served in Kaffir wars 1846-7, and 1852-3 (medal); is a County Alderman for Staffordshire: ;. 1874, Lady Anne Coke, who d. 1876, da. of 2nd Earl of Leicester, and has issue living, Mervyn Edward, b. 1876, Julia. Resi- lience, Brocton Lodge, Stafford. Clubs, Army and Navy, United Service. Sister living Teresa Charlotte: m. 1869, Henry Chandos-Pole-Gell, Esq., and has issue living, Harry Anthony, b. 1872. Residence, Hopton Hall, Wirksworth. The ist Baronet, Sir Edward, brother of the ist Baron Churston, assumed, in 1866, by royal license, the additional surname of Manningham ; he sat as M.P. for North Stafford (L.) 1832-41 and 1865-74, and for Stafford 1841-7. BUNBURY, Creation 1681, of Stanney Hall, Cheshire. Sir EDWARD HERBERT BUNBURY, Qth Baronet; b. July 8th, 1811 ; s. his brother, Sir CHARLES JAMES Fox, F.J?.S., 1886 ; ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A., Senior Classic and Chancellor's Medallist, 1833, M.A. 1836); Bar. Inner Temple 1841 ; sat as M.P. for Bury St. Edmunds (L) 1847-52. Patron 0f STtoo fibings Great Barton V., Mildenhall V., Suffolk. $rms Argent, on a bend sable three chess-rooks of the field. Crtst Two swords saltire-wise through the mouth of a leopard's face or, the blades proper, hiked and pommelled gold. SVatf Barton Hall, Bury St. Edmunds. Town Residence 35, St. James's Street, S.W. Clubs Athenaeum, Oxford and Cambridge. Esse quam videri. Widow living Of 8th Baronet FRANCES JOANNA (Lady Bunbury), Tt,.~*ti,*~ti,~ ,t n L da. of the late Leonard Horner, Esq., F.R.S. : m. 1844, Sir Charles / o oe rattier tfian to seem. - - - James FQJ . Bunbury) F R-g _ 8th baroneti who Manor House, Mildenhall, Suffolk. j886 . Residellcej Collateral Branches living. Issue of the late Col. Henry William St. Pierre Bunbury, C.B. , srd son of 7th baronet, b. 1812, d. 1875 : /. 1852, Cecilia, da. of the late Lieut.-Gen. Sir George Thomas Napier, K.C.B. [see B. Napier and Ettrick, colls.]: HENRY CHARLES JOHN, b. Jan. 9 th, 1855; formerly in R.N. ; is a D.L. for Suffolk, and a County Councillor (Mildenhall Div.) for W. Div. of that co. : m. 1884, Laura, da. of the late Gen. Thomas Wood, M.P. , of Littleton, near Staines, and Gwernyfed, Brecon, and has issue living, Charles Henry Napier, b. 1886, Henry William, b^ 1889, Cecilia Frances Laura. George Edv at Koy. Mil. Acad., Woolwich ; served in Afghan war 1880 (medal): m. 1882, .Lilian, da. of Lieut. - Gen. the Hon. Sir Henry Ramsay, K. C.S.I, [see E. Dalhousie], and has issue living, Gerald Bruce St. Pierre, b. 1883, a son, b. 1890, Marjorie Ellinor, b. 1887. Emily Louisa Margaret. Grandchildren of the late Capt. Richard Hanmer Bunbury, R. N. (infra) : Issue of the late Capt. Henry Fox Bunbury, b. 1839, d. 1870: m. 1863, Elizabeth, who d. 1875, da. of J. Kelsey, Esq. : Cecil Edward Francis, b. 1864; is in Indian C.S. William Clement Hanmer, b. 1868; is Lieut. E. Lancashire Regt., and a Probationer for I.S.C. Issue of the late Capt. Richard Hanmer Bunbury, R. N., 4th son of 7th baronet, b. 1813, d. 1857 : in. 1838, Sarah Susanna (now of 87, Eccleston Square, S.W.), da. of Robert Clement Sconce, Esq. : Cecil Hanmer, b. 1845 ; formerly Col. Comdg. 2nd Batn. Connaught Rangers : m. 1873, Susan Frances, who d. 1878, da. of Gen. William Craig Emilius Napier, of Oaklands. Cosham. Robert Clement Sconce, b. 1847 ; Bar. Inner Temple 1872. Residence, 87, Eccleston Square, S.W. Herbert Napier, b. 1851; is Major Army Ser. Corps, and D.A.Q.M.G., Head Quarters: in. 1878, Mary Louisa, da. of the late Major Donald Patrick Campbell, of Balliveolan, Ledaig, co. Argyll, and has issue living, a son, b. 1880. Louisa Harriet Cometina : in. 1874, Dr. Max Marckwald, and has issue living, a da., b. 1879. Frances Susanna: >. 1873, John Frederic Symons-Jeune, Esq., and has issue living, Bertram Hanmer Bunbury, b. 1883. Residence, Wat- lington Park, Oxfordshire. This family traces its origin to a younger brother of the Norman house of St. Pierre, who came to England with the Conqueror. From Hugh Lupus, first Norman Earl of Chester, the family obtained the manor of Bunbury in Cheshire. David de Bunbury, 7th in descent from St. Pierre, acquired by marriage, temp. Edward III., the lordship of Stanney, which the family possessed until 1859. The nth in descent from David de Bunbury was Sir Thomas, the ist baronet. The 6th baronet, Sir Thomas Charles, was forty-three years M.P. for Suffolk. The 7th baronet, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Henry Edward, K.C. B., sat as M.P. for Suffolk, and was Under Sec. of State for War 1809-16. 6