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DEBRETT'S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. Gradatim vincimus. CURTIS, Creation 1802, of Cullands Grove, Middlesex. .Sir WILLIAM MICHAEL CURTIS, 4th Baronet, son of the late William Edmund Curtis, Esq., el. son of 3rd Baronet ; b. Nov. nth, .1859; s. his grandfather, Sir WILLIAM, 1870; formerly Capt. 4th Batn. Gloucestershire Regt. ; isaJ-P. for Salop : m. 1887, Mabel, who d. 1888, da. of Somerville A. Gurney, Esq., of North Runcton Hall, King's Lynn, and has issue. 5Vrms Paly of six or and azure, a fesse cheeky argent and sable, on a canton gules a dragon's wing erect of the third, in base a sword proper, pommel and hilt of the first, surmounting a key in saltire of the second. Crtst A ram's head couped argent, surmounted by two branches of oak in saltire proper. Seat Caynham Court, Lud'.ow. Clubs White's, Bachelors'. IVe conquer step by step. Daughter living Constnnce Mabel, b. 1888. Uncles living (son of 3rd Baronet) PHILIP JULIAN, Z>. March 2oth, 1838 ; ed. at Eton ; formerly Capt. 6oth Regt. : in. 1875, Margaret Helen Marie, da. of the late Charles Candy, Esq., and has issue living, Kathleen Margaret, Evelyn Renee Venetia. (Son of 2nd Baronet) Alexander Kyd, b. 1822; Bar. Inner Temple 1846: in. 1868, Charlotte, widow of Thomas Featherstone, Esq., of Cape Town, and has issue living, Francis, Florence. Residence, Aunts living (daughters of 2nd Baronet) Louisa Anne : in. 1832, the Rev. Montague James Taylor, and has issue living, Arthur Henry, b. 1841 ; formerly Col. 2isl Hussars; retired as Maj.-Gen. 1887, Ernest Henry, b. 1846. Residence, 43, Beaufort Gardens, S.W. Julia Henrietta: ;. ist, 1848, Henry Charles Scott, Esq., who d. 1857; 2ndly, 1866, Mons. Barthelmy, who d. 18 , of Mantes, France, and has issue living (by ist marriage), Julian, b. 18 , Cecil, b. 18 , Douglas, b. 18 , Mary Georgiana : in. 1878, Mons. Edouard Cardon, who d, 7889. Agnes Cecilia : in. 1848, Josiah Bracken Canning Alexander, Esq., who d. 1882, and has issue living, Frederick, b. 1852; formerly Sub-Lieut. R.N., Henry Charles, b. 1858, Horace Bracken, b. 1859, Charles, />. 1860, George Frank, b. 1862, William Montagu, l 1865, Edward Stewart, b. 1867, Agnes Mary, Jessie Louisa: tit. 18 , G. S. Everard, Esq., Carolin Isabella, Gertrude Mary Ann, Madelina Louisa. Ellen Augusta, Lucy Georgina, Constance Maud. Residence, Mother living Ariana Emily, da. of the late Col. William Chester Master, of Knole Park, Gloucestershire : m. ist, 1859, William Edmund Curtis, Esq., who d. 1860, el. son of Sir William Curtis, 3rd baronet ; 2ndly, 1868, George Berney Charleton, Esq., by whom she has issue, John Egerton, b. 1873, Ariana Violet. Residence, Caynham Cottage, Ludlow. Collateral Branches living. Issue of the late John Egerton Curtis, Esq., 3rd son of 3rd baronet, b. 1844, d. 1879 : in. 1871, Mary Ella, da. of the late Marshall Wallace, Esq., of Halifax, N.S. : Edgar Francis Egerton, b. 1875. Mary Georgina Florence. Issue of the late George Lear Curtis, Esq., 2nd son of 2nd baronet, b. 1805, d. 1853 :

. 1832, Augusta Elizabeth (now of 35, Rutland Gate, S.W.), da. of Charles B.

Cotton, Esq., of Kingsgate, Kent : William Cotton, b. 1834 ; is a partner in the Metropolitan banking firm of Robarts, Lubbock and Co. : in. 1859, Caroline Louisa, da. of Edward Thornewill, Esq., of Dove Cliff, Staffordshire, and has issue living.George Cotton, b. 1860, Edward Beaumont Cotton, b. 1863, Hubert Montagu Cotton, b. 1876, Mary Louisa Cotton, Ethel Cotton, Florence Lucy Cotton, Sybil Gertrude Cotton, Hilda Evelyn Cotton, Violet Mabel Cotton, Rosamond Augusta Cotton. Residence, Potterells, North Mimms, Hatfield. Arthur Cecil, b. 1836 ; became Capt. R.N. 1877 (retired 1890), and Rear-Adm. 1892 ; served in Crimean campaign 1854-5 (Crimean, Turkish, and Baltic medals, and Sebastopol clasp), and in China war 1860 (medal and Taku Forts clasp) : m. 1886, Arabella Augusta, da. of W. Chipman Drury, Esq., of St. John, New Brunswick, and has issue living, Arthur Drury, b. 1888, Cecil Montagu Drury, b. 1889, Francis Augustus Drury, b. 1891. Resi- dence, 9, Hereford Road, Southsea. Ernest Henry, b. 1842 ; formerly Capt. Bengal Cav. : in. 1875, Emily, da. of the late Rev. Frederic Spencer Thursby, R. of Abington, and has issue living, a son, b. 1878, Beatrice, a da. Walter Charles, b. 1844. Augusta Mary Harriot. Gertrude Charlotte Emma. Adelaide Octavia. Constance Laura: in. 1870, Henry Cecil Gunston, Esq. Residence, 36, Beaufort Gardens, S.W. Georgie Florence Louisa : in. iS33, C. A. Hopwood, Esq., of the Foreign Office. Residence, 18, Beaufort Gardens, S.W. Issue of the late Henry Charles Curtis, Esq., 3rd son of 2nd baronet, b. 1812, d. 1861 : in. 1852, Emma Jane (who in. 2ndly, 1863, the Rev. Charles Gray Hill, R. of Warboys, Huntingdon), da. of William Scott Binny, Esq., of Bryanston Square, W. : Stuart Edward, I. 1853. Harry Alexander Dyer, /'. 1854; is Major R.A. Montague Atwell, b. 1856. Issue of the late Augustus John Curtis, Esq., 4th son of 2nd baronet, b. 1815, d. 1845: m. 1838, Charlotte, who d. 1891, da. of Col. Thomas Nuttall : Cha -les James, b. 1842. William Alexander, b. 1845. Jessie Louisa. Grandchildren of the late Augustus John Curtis, Esq. (ante) : Issue of the late Major Augustus Frederick Curtis, b. 1840, d. 188 : m. 18 : Three sons and two daus.