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152 DEBRETT'S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. Issue of the late Timothy Abraham Curtis Esq., 2nd son of ist baronet, b. 1786, d. 1857 : in. ist, 1809, Margaret Harriet, who d. 1847, da. of John Green, Esq., of Poole ; andly, 1851, Frances Pitt, da. of Laurence Brown-Constable, Esq., of Wallace Cragie, Forifarshire : Sophia. Annette de la Touraine : m. 1874, Ernest Robert Raitt, Esq. Residence, Grandchildren of the late Timothy Abraham Curtis, Esq. (ante) : Issue of the late Lieut. -Gen. William Frederick Curtis, b. 1810, d. 1882: HI, 1842, Joanna Jacobina de Hubbenet, who d. 1845 William Frederick de Hubbenet, b. 1842 ; is Lieut.-Col. R. A. ; served in Abyssinian campaign 1867-8 (medal) : in, 1880, Mary Owen, da. of the late John Ward Nicholls, Esq., Sec. of Greenwich Hospital, and has issue living, Frederick, b. 1882, Oscar Owen, b. 1889, Freda Isabella, Olga Bijou Dina, Joceline Sophia Lilian. Residence, 4, Westbourne Gardens, Folkestone. Issue of the late Col. James Charles Curtis, b. 1820, d. 1889 : in. 1854, Harriet, da. of the late Col. George William Hamilton, C.S.I. : George Arthur Hamilton, b, 1859. Alfred William Hamilton, b. 1864. Harriet Margaret Hamil- ton.^ Grace Frances Hamilton. Issue of the late Charles Berwick Curtis, Esq., 3rd son of ist baronet,, /'. 1795, d. 1876 : JH. 1822, Henrietta, who d. 1884, da. of the late Rev. J. Battridge Pearson, of Croxall, Derbyshire : Charles William, 6. 1824; ed. at Harrow; is a J.P. for Kent, Wilts, and Cinque Ports: in. 1850, Henrietta Francisca, da. of William R. Robinson, Esq., and has issue living, Charles Herbert (of 45, Onslow Square, S.W. Club, Magistrates'), b. 1852; is Lieut.-Col. 4th Batn. E. Surrey Regt., and a J.P. for Middlesex : in. 1879, Frances Edith, da. of Capt. Pinckney, and has issue living, Timothy Herbert William b. 1882, Philip Pinckney b. 1884, Gwendolen Edith, Percy Falconer (Club, Union), b. 1859 ; is Capt. and Instructor of Musketry ist Wilts Rifle Vol., Thomas Reginald (Clubs, Union, Isthmian), b. 1862 ; is Lieut. Roy. Wilts Yeo. Cav., Eustace Henry, b. 1863, Harold William, b. 1875, Adela Henrietta: m. ist, 1871, Archibald Godfrey Hope, Esq., who d. i8Si [see Hope, Bart., colls.1 ; 2ndly, 1889, Perceval Kingsford, Esq., Alice Francisca : in. 1876, Major John Thomas Browne, formerly of 2oth Hussars, and has issue living, George Willis b. 1882, Winifred Caroline Metcalfe, Margery Alice, Isabel Lucy : m. 1884, William Hugh Fowle, Esq., J.P., of Chute Lodge, Andover, and has issue living, Thomas William b. 1885, Charles Heathcote b. 1886, Frank George b. 1889, Barbara Francesca b. 1890, Dora Margaret: m. 1889, John Ball Forman, Esq., Eveline Jane. Residence, Kearsney Abbey, Dover. Club, Union. Reginald, b. 1829; entered R.A. 1847, became Col. 1876, and Maj.-Gen. 1881, when he retired; served in Crimean campaign 1855 (medal with clasp, Turkish medal, Brevet Major): m. 1863, Marianne Emma, who d. 1874, da. of the late James Salmond, Esq., of Waterfoot, Cumberland, and has issue living, Reginald Salmond (Club, Junior United Service), b. 1863; is Capt. R.E., and serving with Egyptian Army ; has 4th class Medjidie, Harcourt Taylor, b. 1865, Edward George (Cliib, Grosvenor), b. 1868 ; is Lieut, ist Batn. Bedfordshire Regt., Arthur Evelyn Scott (Club, Union), b. 1870, Linda: in. 1890, Vincent Biscoe Tritton, Esq. Residence, 98, St. George's Square, S.W. Clubs, Army and Navy, Union. Spencer Henry, b. 1833 ; is a J.P. for Middle- sex and Herts : ;;/. 1864, Margaret Tupper, da. of de Vic Carey, Esq., of Le Vallon, Guernsey, and has issue living, Spencer Carey, b. 1865, Wilfred Henry, b. 1866, Bertram de Vic Carey, b. 1873, Margaret Helen, Catherine Louisa. Residence, Totteridge House, Herts. Club, Union. Henry Downing, b. 1836 : m. 1874, Ada Harriet, da. of 2nd Baron Heath [see Foreign Titles, in PEERAGE], and has issue living, Berwick, A'.-V'., b. 1876 ; is a Naval Cadet, Nora Heath, Cecil Mary, Joan. Residence, 57, Eaton Square, S.W. Club, Union. Henrietta Mary Anne : in. 1^51, Capt. Constable Curtis, formerly of I2th Lancers, and has issue living, Charles Constable (of Collingham, Newark, and Swinderby, Lincolnshire. Club^ Junior Carlton), b. 1852 ; is a J.P. for Notts and for Kestev en Div. of Lincolnshire : in. 1882, Edith Fanny, da. of the Rev. Thomas George Onslow [see E. Onslow, colls.], and has issue living, Thomas Launcelot Constable /'. 1888, Edward Constable (Club, Junior Carlton), b. 1853 : m. 1888, Elca Rose, who d. 1889, el. da. of Sir Francis Beilby Alston, K.C.M.G., Frank John Constable (of Merrivale, Ross, Herefordshire, and Kew Estate, Lucea, Jamaica;, b. 1857 : m. 1886, Laura Mildred, da. of the late Col. Smith-Dorrien, of Haresfoot, Great Berkhampstead, and has issue living, Frank Maynard Constable b. 1888, John Dorrien Constable b. 1892, Mildred Henrietta Constable b. 1887, Dorothy Rose Constable b. 1890, Edith Alary Constable b. 1891, Rev. Henry George Constable, b. 1865 ; ed. at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1889); is Curate of Holy Trinity, Guildford : in. 1891, Ann Horsfall, da. of C. H. Bill, Esq., of Storthes Hall, Yorks, and Maybury, Woking, Henrietta Augusta Constable,- -Lucy Emma Constable, Sophia Thomasine Constable, Anna Louisa Constable. Residence, The Hall, Berk- hampstead. Frances Anne : in. 1850, Henry Toogood, Esq., who d. 1872, and has is^sue living, Reginald Curtis, b. 1856; formerly Capt. 2nd Batn. Roy. Scots Fusiliers: m. 1888, Edith, da. of the Rev. Francis Coulman Royds, R. of Coddington, Chester, and widow of Archibald Peyton Skipwith, Esq. [see Skipwith, Bart., colls.], Florence Fanny, Emily Henrietta, Louisa^Marion, Charles, b. 1864 : m. 1892, Eleanor Maude, da. of the Rev. Powys Isaac, Henry Glyn, b. 1867, George Edward, b. 1870, Reginald Pennant, b. 1873, Harriet Emma, Augusta Harriet, Alice Sophia Cornelia. Residence, 30, Clifton Gardens, Folkestone. Grandchildren of the late Charles Berwick Curtis, Esq. (ante) : Issue of the late James Falconer Curtis, Esq., b. 1827, d. 1879: in. ist, 1861, Josephine Adelaide, who d. 1868, da. of the late Col. Mangin; 2ndly, 1872, Mary, da. of the late Rev. J. Browne, of Langford, Notts : Falconer Charles, b. 1864. Julia Augusta. Sybil Mary. Gertrude Madeline. The ist baronet was Lord Mayor of London 1794-5, and sat as M.P. for the City of London 1790- 1820. He was offered a peerage, but declined the honour. Cusack-Smitli, see Smith.