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DEBRETT ADVERTISEMENTS. 21 MODE Of , IS BY MEANS OF Mr. YOST J| Mr. YOST perfected Tj^^^^jj /% invented THE REMINGTON, JKHHfiB^i THE CALIGRAPH, 1873. I I88 - YOST TYPEWRITER. WRITING IS NO LONGER TEDIOUS AND IRKSOME, 'but expeditious. It is a pleasing exercise in which the process of composition is not retarded as in pen writing, but is assisted. THE TRUE AIM OP ALL ETIQUETTE is to avoid causing others annoyance or pain, yet it is a melanholy fact that even the MOST POLISHED AND EDUCATED MEMBERS of SOCIETY encroach upon the time of their friends, and drive them to the verge of despair by reason of the illegible nature of their written communications. The writing of the YOST TYPEWRITER is accomplished in a third of the time consumed where the pen is the medium, and it is as legible as a well printed book. FROM A HYGIENIC POINT OF VIEW Typewriting is a great improvement on the old method. Pen writers sit at a desk or table with the body more or less contorted, and the chest contracted. The Typist, on the other hand, sits, like a pianist, at perfect ease, with no strain either upon the body or the eyes. IT IS NOT WONDERFUL THEN that 50,000 worth of YOST Writing Machines have been sold during the first years' business, among the purchasers being HER MAJESTY'S GOVERNMENT. KING WILLIAM II. of Wurtemburg. THE EARL OF DYSART. VISCOUNT EMLYN. Mr. RIDER HAGGARD. THE EMPEROR OF GERMANY. THE DUKE OF NEWCASTLE. THE EARL OF SEFTON. THE LORD MAYOR OF LONDON. Mrs. CAMPBELL PRAED. Eminent people, in all ranks, testify that the YOST has lightened their labour and doubled their capacity for work. The YOST can be seen in operation at the Head Office, or at any of the Branch Depots, The YOST TYPEWRITER CO., Ltd., 40, Holborn Viaduct, London, E.CT; PARIS; 36, BOULEVARD DES ITALIENS; Branches Manchester, 3, Deansgate ; Liverpool, 67a, Lord Street; Birmingham, 73, Temple Row ; Leeds, 21, New Station Street; Glasgow, 112, Saint Vincent Street.