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22 DEBRETT ADVERTISEMENTS. W wCX > JtjL FOR MARKING LINEN. EMBROIDERED IN FAST TURKEY RED COTTON ON FINE CAMBRIC TAPE, FAR SUPERIOR TO MARKING INK FOR HOUSEHOLD LINEN, AND INVALUABLE FOR SEWING ON TO SOCKS, BLANKETS, AND OTHER ARTICLES FOR WHICH MARKING INK CANNOT BE USED. Small Old English Name. Small Script Name. lab'stone. Extra small Old English Name. SaltsbvLry Extra Small Script Name. Illustrated JESook (CONTAINING WOVKN SAMPLES OF NAMES AND INITIALS) Free by Post. ADDRESS T. JT. , Ooventry Jtoitam |u3S0ciaii0tt cf CHIEF OFFICE 123, NEW BOND STEEET, W. BEANCH OFFICE 86, KENNINGTON PAEK EOAD, S.E. EEOISTEEED TELEGEAPH ADDEESS FIETH'S ASSOCIATION, LONDON. SUPERIOR Hospital-trained Nurses for Medical, Mental, Monthly, Surgical, Fever and Small-pox cases are always in readiness, also Male attendants, Male Nurses and Medical Rubbers. In this Association the Nurses are not paid by small salaries, but, after a year's probation, receive their earnings. In connection with the Association of Nurses there are "Home Hospitals," where Invalids can be received under the care of their own Physicians, each Patient being provided with a separate room. Terms from Three Guineas per week, according to Nursing and Accom- modation required. Addresses of Hospitals given only to Patients or their friends. Letters to be addressed to M. FIRTH, Superintendent, 123, New Bond Street, W.