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DEBRETT S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. 173 Half-Brother living WARREN HASTINGS, b. April 6th, 1838; ed. at Haileybury ; was in B.C.S. 7858-91 : m. 18,9, Henrietta Mary, da. of Sir Frederick Halliday, K.C.B., and has issue living, Hastings Hadley, b. 1864 ; is Assist. Sub. Dep. Opium Agent, Patna, Bengal, Edward Halliday, b. 1865; is Assist. Dist. Sup. of Police, Bengal : in. 1891, Laura, da. of Herbert George Yatman, Esq., of Fernden Steep, Haslemere, Surrey, and has issue living, Mary Edith b. 1892, Warren Hastings, R.N., b. 1867 ; became Lieut. 1891, Henry Ralph Neville, b, 1878, Florence Mary: in. 1885, Capt. Ernest Inglis, I.S.C., Assist. -Commr., Punjab, and has issue living, two dans., Alice Fanny: m. 1886, Capt. Hugh Thomas Lyle, D.S.O., ist Batn. Roy. Welsh Fusiliers, and has issue living, a da. b. 1888, Etta Ellen : m. 1882, George Kenneth Lyon, Esq., B.C.S., who d. 1888, and has issue living, two sons and two daus., Margaret Howard. Club, Primrose. This family was distinguished both in England and in France in the vith century. Robert d'Ouilly, who came over with William the Conqueror, and was created Baron Hocknorton, in Oxford- shire, in 1071-2, built and fortified Oxford Castle, and was made Constable of Oxford. From his younger brother, Guilbert, the present family is descended in an unbroken line. The 3rd Baron Hocknorton founded on an island in the Isis the Abbey of Oseney. The ist baronet, Sir William D'Oyly, M .P. for Norfolk and Yarmouth, a partisan of the royal cause, was knighted, and subsequently created a baronet. The 2nd baronet, a Teller of the Exchequer, was knighted during the lifetime of his father. The 6th baronet sat as M.P. for Ipswich. The jth baronet was in H.E.I.C.S., and was a distinguished amateur artist ; and the 8th baronet served the East India Co. 33 years with great credit. FULLER-ELIOTT-DRAKE, Creation 1821, of Nut-well Court, Devonshire. Sir FRANCIS GEORGE AUGUSTUS FULLER-ELIOTT- DRAKE, 2nd Baronet, son of Capt. Rose Henry Fuller, R.N., 2nd brother of ist Baronet ; b. Dec. 24th, 1837 '> s -> by special remainder, his uncle, Sir THOMAS TRAYTON FULLER-ELIOTT- DRAKE, 1870; formerly Capt. Roy. Horse Guards; assumed, by royal license, 1870, the additional arms and surnames of Eliott-Drake : m. 1861, Elizabeth, da. of Sir Robert A. M. Douglas, 3rd Baronet, and has issue. ^rms Quarterly : ist and 4th, sable, a fesse wavy between two estoiles argent, Drake; 2nd, gules, on a bend or a baton azure, on a chief the arms of Gibraltar, viz., azure, between two pillars a castle argent, from the gate a golden key pendent, sub-inscribed " Plus ultra," Elicit; 3rd, argent, three barrulets and a canton gules, Fuller. Custs ist, on a terrestrial globe a Sic parvis magna. sn ip proper, trained about the said globe with hawsers by a hand issuing Tints great things arise out of clouds on the dexter, all proper ; 2nd, a dexter hand in armour from small. couped above the wrist, grasping a scimitar all proper, the wrist charged with a key sable ; 3rd, out of a ducal coronet gules a lion's head argent. JfRottocs Over ist crest, " Auxilio Divino" (Diz'ine help)', over 2nd crest, "Per Ardua" (Through difficulties) ; over 3rd crest, " Fortiter et recte " {Bravely and rightly). Seats Nutwell Court, Exeter ; Buckland Abbey, Plymouth ; Sheafhayne House, Devonshire. Club Carlton. Daughter living Elizabeth Beatrice (Baroness Seaton): tn. 1887, the 3rd Baron Seaton. Resi- dences, Bert, Athy, co. Kildare; Beech wood, Plymptor, Devon ; Nutwell Court, Lympstone, Devon. Sister living Jane Eliza Anne Pollexfen : at. 1866, the Rev. Richard Briscoe, D.D., who d. 1880, R. of Nutfield, an! has issue living, Theodore Francis Heathfield, b. 1867, Henry Mevrick 'Eliott Drake, b. 1870. Residence, The ancestors of this baronet were Sir Francis Drake, the famous navigator, and Lord Heathfield, the hero of Gibraltar. Sir Thomas Trayton Fuller, the ist baronet, succeeded in 1813 to the estates of the 2nd Baron Hsathfield, and assumed by sign-manual the additional surnames of Eliott-Drake. A previous baronetcy in this family, conferred in 1622, became extinct in 1794 on the death of the 5th baronet. WILLIAMS-DEUMMOND, Creation 1827, of Hawthornden, Midlothian. Sir JAMES HAMLYN WILLIAMS-DRUM- MOND, 4th Baronet ; b. Jan. I3th, 1857 ; s. his father, Sir JAMES WILLIAMS, 1866 ; ed. at Eton ; formerly Lieut. Grenadier Guards ; is a J.P., a D.L., and a County Councillor (Llansawl Div.) for Carmarthen- shire (High Sheriff 1885), a J.P. for Midlothian, and Capt. and Hon. Major Carmarthen Artillery, W. Div. R.A. : m. 1889, Madeline Diana Elizabeth, da. of Sir Andrew Agnevv, 8th Bart., and widow of Thomas Henry Clifton, Esq., and has issue. ^rms Quarterly : ist and 4th grand quarters, quarterly, ist and 4th, or, tkree bars wavy within a bordure gules, Drummond ; 2nd and 3rd, azure, three bears' heads couped These honors are acquired by glory. close argent muzzled gules, Forbes ; 2nd and 3rd grand quarters, paly of six argent and gules saltire countercharged, on a chief engrailed azure a crescent between two mullets pierced argent.