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DEBRETT'S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. Issue of the late Maj.-Gen. Sir Howard Crauford Elphinstone, K.C.B., C.M.G., V.C., 4th son of 8th baronet, b. 1829, d. 1890: m. 1876, Annie Frances (now of Pine Wood, Bagshot, Surrey, and Buckingham Palace, S.W.), da. of the late W. H. Cole, Esq., ofWoodhay House, Newbury : Victoria Alexandrina. Irene Frances. Olive Margaret. Mary Howard. The ist baronet, Sir William, was hereditary Cup-bearer to the King of Scotland, and sometime Chief Justice of Scotland. The 3rd baronet, who succeeded as heir-general, was Lord Provost of Glasgow 1600-7, ar >d Lord Justice Clerk 1625-37. Th e 4th baronet was principal steward of Orkney and Zetland, and principal Chamberlain, High Admiral and Col. of Militia in those islands. The 6th baronet, Adm. and Com. -in-Chief of the Russian Fleet, claimed the Barony of Balmerino. The 7th baronet was a Brig.-Gen. in the Russian Army, and a noble in Livonia. The 8th baronet, Sir Alexander, Capt. R. N.. also claimed the Barony of Balmerino. ELPHINSTONE, Creation 1816, of Sowerby, Cumberland. Sir HOWARD ELPHINSTONE, D.C.L., 2nd Baronet; b. June 9th, 1804; s. his father, Maj.-Gen. Sir HOWARD. C.B., 1846; ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1826, M.A. 1829), in- corporated at Merton Coll., Oxford (B.C.L. and D.C.L.); Advocate Doctors' Commons 1839; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1840; sat as M.P. for Hastings (Z) 1835-7, and for Lewes 1841-7 ; un- successfully contested Liverpool 1837; is a D.L. and a J.P. for Sussex, and a J.P. for Hastings : m. 1829, Elizabeth Julia, who d. 1891, da. of the late Edward Jeremiah Curteis. Esq., M.P., of Windmill Hill, Sussex, and has issue. ^rni8 Argent guttee de sang, on a chevron embattled sable between three boars' heads erased gules, two swords proper, pommels and hilts or. Semoer paratus Ct Out of a mural crown gules a demi-woman aflfrontee habited, and in the dexter hand a sword erect proper, pommel and hilt or, in the sinister an Always ready. olive-branch proper. Residence 168, Warwick Street, S.W. Clubs Athenaeum, Brighton Union, Hurlingham. Son living HOWARD WARBURTON, b. July 2 6th, 1830 ; ed. at Eton, and at Trin. Coll., Camb* (B.A. i7th Wrangler, 1854, M.A. 18 ): Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1862; is a J.P. for Sussex; unsuc- cessfully contested Mid-Kent (L) 1880: m. 1860, Constance Mary Alexander, da. of the late John Alexander Hankey, Esq., of Balcombe Place, Cuckfield, Sussex, and has issue livinp, Howard John, b. 1862 ; is Lieut, in the Army (temporary h.-p.) : m. 1889, Katharine, da. of Herbert Mascall-Curteis, Esq., of Windmill Hill, Sussex, and has issue living, a da. b. 1892, Graham Warburton, b. 1866; ed. at Eton, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. ; is in M.C.S., Douglas Bonar, b. 1871 ; ed. at Roy. Mil. Acad., Woolwich ; is Lieut. R.E., Maurice Curteis, b. 1874, -Kenneth Vaughan, b. 1878, Lancelot Henry, b. 1879, -Constance Julia : m. 1889, Capt. John Russell Compton Domvile, Bom. S.C., and has issue living, a da. b. 1891, Frances Mary: m. 1891, Edward Alfred Chandler, Esq., Isabel Harriet, Selina Beatrice, Gladys Christine. Residence-^ Struan, Augustus Road, Wimbledon Park. S.W. Cluimbers, 2, Stone Buildings, W.C. Clubs, Athenaeum, United University. Daughter living Julia : m. 1855, Gen. Walter Douglas Phillipps Patton-Bethune, Col. Highland L.I., and has issue living, Herbert Bethune, b. 1860; is Capt. 3rd Hussars, Douglas Elphinstone Bethune, b. 1867; is Lieut. 3rd Batn., Rifle Brig. (Prince Consort's Own), Anne Florence Louisa Mary Bethune. Residence, Clayton Priory, near Burgess Hill, Sussex. Sisters living Frances : m. 1836, William Masters Smith, Esq., M.P., of Camer, Kent, who d. 1861, Residence, i, Castle Down Terrace, Hastings. - Louisa: in. ist, 1832, Lieut.-Col. Robert Anstruther, of Thirdpart, co. Fife, who d. 1856; 2ndly, 1861, Andrew Bonar, Esq., who d. 1874. Residence, Bassett Wood, Southampton. This family is a branch of the baronial house of Elphinstone. The ist baronet, a distinguished Peninsular veteran, and Col. Commandant of the Royal Engineers, greatly distinguished himself at the capture of the Cape of Good Hope, in Egypt, and elsewhere. DALRYMPLE-HORN-ELPHINSTONE, Creation 1828. of Horn, and Logie Elphinstone, Aberdeenshire. Sir GRAEME HEPBURN DALRYMPLE- HORN-ELPHINSTONE, 4th Baronet; b. 1841; s. his brother, Sir ROBERT, 1887 ; is a landed proprietor in Ceylon : m. 1875, Margaret Anne Alice, youngest da. of the late James Ogilvy Fairlie, Esq., of Coodham, N.B., and has issue. ^rms Quarterly ; ist and 4th, or, on a saltire azure between a mullet in chief and two water bougets in the flanks sable, nine lozenges of the field, Dalrymple ; 2nd, or, three-hunting-horns gules, Horn ; 3rd, on a chevron sable between three boars' heads gules, a mitre or, within a bor- dure of the third, Elphinstone. Crtst A rock proper, over whi< * the , motto ',' Firme." upp0rters-Dexter, a bull sable armed and unguled or ; sinister, an eagle, wings expanded sabie, armed or. Seat Logie Elphinstone, Pitcaple, Aberdeenshire, N.B. 13 / warn and defend.