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DEBRETT S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. 201 RAMSAY-FAIRFAX, Creation 1836, of The Holmes, Roxburghshire. Fare, fac. aA; Jo. Sir WILLIAM GEORGE HERBERT TAYLOR RAMSAY- FAIRFAX, 2nd Baronet ; b. March I5th, 1831 ; s. his father, Co!. Sir HENRY, 1860 ; entered Army 1851, became Capt. 1859, Major 1869 (h.p. 1869), Lieut. -Col. 1877, Hon. Col. 1879 ; served with 3ist Kegt. in Crimean campaign 1855-6 (medal with clasp, and Turkish war medal) ; was A.D.C. to Gov. of Malta 1860-64, and to Viscount Templetown, comdg. W. Dist., 1865-6; assumed in 1876 the additional surname and arms of Ramsay; is a J.P. for Roxburghshire: m. 1868, Mary Ann Pawson Hargrave, da. of William John Pawson, Esq., of Shawdon, Northumberland, and has issue. Srms ist and 4th, grand-quarters, argent, three bars gemelles sable surmounted of a lion rampant gules armed and langued azure, Fairfax ; 2nd, grand-quarters, parti per pale argent and or, an eagle displayed sable armed beaked and membered gules, Ramsay ; 3rd, grand-quarter counter- quartered, ist and 4th, azure, a branch of palm between three fleurs-de-lis or, 2nd and 3rd, gules, three annulets or stoned azure, in the centre of the quarters a crescent or for difference, Montgomerie. Crtst A lion passant guardant proper. Seat Maxton, St. Boswells, N.B. Town Residence- if,, Queen's Gate, S.W. Clubs United Service, Army and Navy, Carlton, New. Sons living HENRY WILLIAM RAMSAY-FAIRFAX-LUCY, b. Sept. 25th, 1870; ed. at Eton ; formerly Lieut. 2nd Life Guards ; is Lieut. Reserve of Officers ; assumed by royal license the additional surname of Lucy 1892 : in. 1892, Ada Christina, da. and heiress of the late Henry Spence. Lucy, Esq., of Charlecote Park, Warwickshire. Club, White's.-^ William George Astell, b. 1876 ; is a Naval Cadet. Daughters living Frances Mary Somerville. Elizabeth Jane. he has been in command of the Channel Fleet ; is a J.P. for Roxburghshire; C.B. 1879 : m. 1872, Harriet, da. of Sir David Kinlpch, gth baronet. Residences, Ravenswood, Melrose, N.B. ; 5, Cranley Place, S.W. Clubs, United Service, Army and Navy, Marlborough, New. Sister living Elizabeth Mary Somerville: in. ist, 1861, James Liebig Gregory, Esq., who d. 1863 ; 2ndly, 1884, Col. William Marshall Cochrane [see E. Dundonald, colls.]. Resiliences, 64, Cadogan Place, S.W. ; Greycrook, St. Boswells, N.B. This family claims descent from the same stock as Baron Fairfax. Vice-Adm. Sir William George Fairfax, a distinguished naval officer, was made a Knight Banneret for the bravery displayed by him at the battle of Camperdown, and in consideration of his services a baronetcy was conferred upon his only surviving son. Fairlie-Cuninghame, see Cuninghame. FALKINER, Creation 1777, of Annemount, Cork. Sir SAMUEL EDMUND FALKINER, 6th Baronet ; b. Feb. 2nd, 1841 ; s. his father, Lieut.-Col. Sir SAMUEL EDMUND FALKINER, 1867: m. 1865, Blanche, da. of Sir William Berkeley Call, 3rd Baronet, and has issue. Srms Or, three falcons close proper, belled gules ; a mullet for differ- ence. Crtst A falcon's lure proper, between two wings azure. Club Turf. Fortuna favente. SOU living LESLIE EDMUND PERCY RIGGS, b. Oct. 2nd, 1866. Daughter living Mabel Rose. Sister living Emily Eliza: m. 1867, William George Herbert, Esq. [see E. Carnarvon, colls.]. Residence, 10, West Cliff Gardens, Folkestone. The jth baronet served throughout the Peninsular war, was present at Talavera, Busaco, Salamanca, Ciudad Rodrigo, Fuentes d'Onore, and ' Fortune favoring me. was wounded three times.