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DEBRETT'S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. 355 that county, and M.P. therefor 1822-31. This family is a collateral branch of the Mackenzies, Earls of Cromarty (title attainted 1746), and the present baronet is representative of Sir John Mackenzie, of Tarbat (created a baronet of Nova Scotia by Charles I. 1628), who was father of the ist Earl. MACKENZIE, Creation 1837, of Kilcoy, Ross. [Extinct 1883.] Sir EVAN MACKENZIE, 2nd and last Baronet. Daughters living Of 2nd Baronet Isabella Jane : m. 1869, Lieut.-Col. John Edward Burton (formerly of gist Highlanders), who in 1887 assumed the additional surname of Mackenzie, and has issue living, Evan North, b. 1870, Colin John Mackenzie, b. 1871, Edward Grove, b. 1876, Isabella Alicia Eva. Residences, Kilcoy Castle, Muir of Ord, N. B. ; Belmaduthy House, Munlochy, Ross-shire ; Buckleigh Lodge, Westward Ho, Devon. Edith Millicent. Eva Mary Marjory Erskine : m. 1872, Lieut.-Col. Roaerick Grogan Mackenzie, formerly of i6th Lancers, who d. 1892, and has issue living, Eva Georgiana Lillie Mackenzie, Alice Maud Harriet, Violet Edith Ethel. Residence, Flowerburn House, Fortrose, N.B. Sarah Anna Philomena. Daughter living Of 1st Baronet Jane: m. 1853, Major James Wardlaw, who d. 1867, and has issue living, John Colin, b. 1856 : is Capt. ist Batn. Border Regt. : in. 1890, Mabel Constance, da. of the late William Bousfield Page, Esq., of St. Ann's, Carlisle, George Lake, b. 1864, James Robert Preston, b. 1867, Geraldine Anne Isabella Mary Jane : in. 1876, George Francis Gillanders, Esq., of Highfield, Muir of Ord, Ross-shire, N.B., who d. 1885, an ^ nas issue living, Frances Geraldine, Horalia Georgina Ramsay: in. ist, 1877, W. G. C. Asher, Esq., who d. 1882 ; 2iidly, 1885, Thomas Home, Esq., of 10, Grosvenor Street, Edinburgh, Jane Frances Harriet: in, 1890, George Mullen, Esq., of Springfield, Sligo, and has issue living, Jane Horatia Mary. Residence, n, Grosvenor Street, Edinburgh. Widow living Of 2nd Baronet SARAH ANNA PHILO.MENA (Lady Mackenzie), da. of J. Parkes, Esq., of Londonderry : in. 1844. Sir Evan Mackenzie, 2nd and last baronet, who d. 1883. Residence, The Parks, Minehead R.S.O., Somerset. MACKENZIE, Creation 1890, of Glen Muick, Aberdeen. Sir ALLAN RUSSELL MACKENZIE, 2nd Baronet ; b. March agth, 1850 ; ed. at Harrow ; formerly an Officer in Roy. Horse Guards ; is a J.P. and a D.L. for co. Ross, and one of H.M.'s Body Guard for Scotland ; unsuccessfully con- tested Ross and Cromarty (C) 1884 : m. 1874. Lucy Eleanora, da. of Duncan Davidson, Esq., of Tultoch Castle, co. Ross, and has issue. ^rms Per pale indented azure and or, a stag's head cabossed counter- changed. Crtst A dexter hand grasping a sword bandwise proper. Seats Glen Muick, Aberdeenshire ; Kintail, Lochalsh, N.B. ; Braik- ley, co. Aberdeen. Clubs Carlton, Marlborough, New (Edinburgh). Sons living ALLAN JAMES REGINALD, b. May 2 6th, 1880. Victor Aud4ey Falconer, b. 1882. Allan Keith, b. 1887. Eric Dighton, b. 1891. Daughter living Mary Lucy Victoria. Sisters living Alice Louisa Raynsford (Lady Pigot) : m. 1879, Sir George Pigot, sth Bart. Resi- dence, Pembroke Lodge, Sunninghill, Berks.. Margaret Allan Stuart: in. 1881, Col. Thomas Davison, formerly i6th Lancers. Residence, Widow living Of 1st .Baronet MARY (Lady Mackenzie), da. of C. Du Pre' Russell, Esq., B.C.S. : in. 1849, Sir James Thompson Mackenzie, ist baronet, who d. 1890. Residence, This family, according to tradition, is descended from that of Mackenzie of Suddie. co. R.OSS. In utrumque paratus. Prepared for either fortune. MUIK-MACKENZIE, Creation 1805, of Delvine, Perthshire. Sir ALEXANDER MUIR-MACKENZIE, 3rd Baronet; b. July 6th, 1840 ; s. his father, Sir JOHN WILLIAM PITT, 1855 ; ed. at Harrow ; formerly Capt. 78th Foot, Major Stir- lingshire Militia, and Capt. Perthshire Rifle Vol. ; is a D.L. for Perthshire, and Chm. of Police Committee: m. 1871, Frances Rosa, da. of Sir Thomas Moncrieffe, 7th Baronet. $rms Quarterly : ist and 4th, argent, on a fesse azure, three estoiles or, Muir; 2nd and 3rd, azure, a buck's head cabossed or, all within a bordure nebuly quarterly gules and argent, Mackenzie. Cnsts ist, an olive-branch in bend dexter surmounted by a sword in bend sinister all proper ; 2nd, a dexter hand grasping a dart in bend sinister proper. juonJ> .afttotto " Recte ad ardua" (Straight at difficulties'). Residence Delvine, Dunkeld. Clubs Scottish, New. Brothers living ROBERT SMYTHE, b. Nov. 2 7 th, 1841 ; ed. at Roy. Mil. Acad., Woolwich; became Major R.A. 1878, and Hon. Lieut.-Col. 1882, when he retired : in. 1872, Anne Elizabeth Augusta, da. of the late